10 January, 2012

Prajwala Foundation

This time, it is a serious issue that moved me after watching the below video in you tube. This lecture given by sunitha Krishnan is doing rounds in face book and emails from long time. This lecture makes us realize how lucky we are, to be born and brought up in a very good environment with all amenities and with various options in life to chose from. Please watch the video. 

          Dr. Sunitha Krishnan is a mental health professional, she has done extensive research and is essentially a field practitioner. She has been instrumental in rescuing hundreds of children from severely abusive conditions and restoring childhood to them. She co-founded 'Prajwala Foundation' with Bro Jose Vetticatil. 

Activity: Prajwala is an non-governmental organization in Hyderabad, India, opposed to forced prostitution and sex trafficking.Today, Prajwala runs over 17 transition centres in different areas of Andhra Pradesh for the sex workers’ children. Over 5,000 children have benefited from the second generation prevention programme. The organisation, so far, has rescued more than 2,500 victims with the help of the information provided by its partners and through police intervention. The organisation has 80 members in India and 25 members abroad.
Support: Sex-slavery, prostitution, rehabilitation, girl-child
Note: Financial support, volunteers
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Here is their official website 
We can contribute financially or volunteer ourselves for help. Please support the good cause, if you are interested.

Prajwala 20-4-34, III Floor, Behind Charminar Bus Stand Charminar,    Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Zip/Pin: -500 002 Ph: +91 40 24510290 Fax: +91 40 24410813 

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