10 August, 2012

Inspector Singh investigates A curious Indian Cadaver - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title : Inspector Singh investigates: A curious Indian Cadaver 
Author: Shamini Flint
Publishers: Hachette India, Piaktus
Source: Book lovers book review program
Price: Rs.350

Reading the title you may think that it might be an interesting detective story in India. But, this book is not as curious as the title. For the first few pages, we feel boring and the last half of the book will be fast paced contrary to the first half.  If we have already read famous detective stories like Sherlock holme’s or Agatha Christie’s etc., we may not like this plain detective story much. But if we don’t go with any comparison, second half of the book is somewhat gripping and narration is interesting.  

An young scientist ‘Ashu Kaur’ disappears from house suddenly before few days of her marriage. Inspector Singh who is visiting India to attend her marriage agrees to solve the mystery. A dead body is found which is confirmed as Ashu’s by her brother and Mr. Singh investigates the murder case. Mr. Singh finds that the factory in which Ashu is working is responsible for a serious disease in slums and since Ashu knew about that dangerous chemical, she informed her boss on the same day she disappeared. He also finds that Ashu has a lover who is a colleague in her factory ‘Sameer’ who is a muslim, but still Ashu is ready to marry an MBA boy selected by the family as their family cannot accept her to marry a Muslim. Now, what might be the reason for Ashu’s disappearance? Did she she elope with Sameer? OR someone murdered her to suppress the truth that she knows about the factory? OR she suicides to avoid marriage with the boy selected by family?

Writing style:
Shamini’s writing style is simple, but sometimes it gets boring. As she was a lawyer by profession, the investigation discussions seem to be very well written with her experience. Pace of the story becomes very fast at the end with story unfolding layer by layer.

My Rating:
A journey pass time read. I can give 2/5.

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