24 June, 2013

10 life lessons learnt from my Father

Usually, for a girl child, Her father is dearer than mom. This might be because dad pampers you whenever mother scolds you. I think, most girls accept to the fact that they are daddy's child till teenage. Girls realize the importance of their mom after teenage or after marriage. They understand her better at this stage when they become a mother herself.

Even though this post is not in time for father's day,I would love to take this opportunity to list my top 10 life lessons learned from my father.

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- Dedication to work

I haven't seen any other employee who is as dedicated as him at work. He feels he should do justice for every rupee of his salary.

- Loving unconditionally

He loves his family unconditionally. He never laid out strict rules at our home, always made us learn good habits by teaching with patience.

- Silence and patience help in difficult situations

I never saw him shout at us with angriness. He takes up the silence, thinks calmly before taking any action.He never lets his angry out and hurt others.

- Preserve culture and traditional arts

He likes and respects our culture, arts etc., He encouraged us to learn art forms like dance, music, painting and wants us to pass on these to our next generations.

- Educate children on basics and mother tongue

He never believed on sending us to tuition for studies. He taught us basics of Telugu, Hindi, and English. He used to make us solve cross word puzzles, maths puzzles, used to encourage us to participate in essay writing competitions and debates.

- Planning budget for every month and knowing our expenses is necessary

He used to prepare a budget plan every month to track the expenses. He was not a miser at all, but he says this is a good habit to know the expenses that we can cut off and save for bad times.

- Health is mightier than wealth

He takes care of his own and family's health, encourages us to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. He didn't have one bad habit and walks a lot regularly.

- Do whatever you can, and then only pray to God for help

My father always believes that we should work hard and then only ask for God's help. We shouldn't simply pray God without working anything.

Donate/ help but don't publicize

We should help needy people, but shouldn't expect anything in return or publicize before others about our mighty deed. My father doesn't encourage beggars, but he would prefer to provide them some food instead of throwing them a few coins.

Trust your family

He trusts us more than anything in the world. He believes that we follow the right path and cannot prove him wrong.. and that's how we are :)

These are a few that I think, I learned from my dad.. There might be many qualities that I wouldn't have recognized yet.. Let's see.. there is more time to learn from a wonderful dad :)

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  1. Very nice & interesting article about ur father.


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