26 July, 2013

A perfect 10 day plan - Road trip - Part I

This is the plan for a road trip by car for 10 days from Hyderabad to Coorg. 
You may ask, how we can get that long leave, it’s impossible :) I suggest, Aug 9th to Aug 18th. Aug 9th will be a holiday for Ramzaan for most of us and as we know, Aug 15th is a holiday for our Independence Day. So, taking leave for 4 days will give us a holiday trip for 10 days :) what say?

Here goes Part I of plan..

Day 1 – Aug 9th : Start early by around 5 Am to Bangalore from Hyderabad. You may reach Kurnool in 2 hrs or atmost 2.5 hrs, where you can stop for a breakfast. After refreshing, drive for a continuous stretch via Anantapur,.. you will reach Bangalore by afternoon, at most by 2 PM. Check in to the hotel, take sumptuous lunch and have enough rest till 4 Pm. You can visit ISKON temple in the evening after 5PM, which will be a pleasant experience that one should never miss in Benguluru. Head to famous Lord Hanuman temple near ISKON in Mahalakshmi layout.  Have some snacks after that, and head to Kemp fort, which is a Giant Shiva temple with exhibition on Jyothirlingas. This is an awesome place to visit in the evening.There are some nice restaurants around Kemp fort, where you can have dinner and return to hotel.

Day 2 – Aug 10th : If possible, start by 7 or 8 Am after breakfast, to Big bull temple in Basavanagudi and drive towards Lalbagh after darshan. Lalbagh botanical garden is excellent during flower show, which is in January month; else, it is not that great, so you may think of skipping it and covering Visweswarayya museum. Have lunch around this place, take rest in cubbon park for sometime. Covering Visweswarayya museum will be tiresome  to anyone as it needs a lot of walking.

Mysore Maharaja palace
Day 3 - Aug 11th : Must see attractions in Mysore are Chamundi hills, Mysore palace and Brindavan gardens. Start by 7Am from Bangalore to Mysore, have breakfast in the middle and reach Chamundi hills directly. After darshan, drive to Mysore palace, but have enough food, as it is a very big palace and needs more walking :) St.Philomenus church in Mysore is also a good place to cover. After lunch and some rest, head to Brindavan gardens by 5 or 6 Pm, as  it will be pleasant at that time. There will be laser show, you can roam, have snacks, do boating and take rest in the lawns. Laser show and dancing water fountains with colors are big attractions. 

Day 4 - Aug 12th : Srirangapatna is famous for Lord Vishnu (Sri ranganathaswamy) temple, which is around 22kms from Mysore. His magnificent idol made from black stone is excellent. Tipu sultan's summer palace is also a place to look for. Another lovely place near by is Balmuri/ Belmuri falls. It is not a huge waterfall though. There is also Ranganthittu bird sanctury near Srirnagapatnam. Depending on time, our patience and energy level, one can cover many places of these kind in and around Mysore.
Nisarga dhama forest resort

Day 5 - Aug 13th :Coorg is around 118 kms from Mysore, it may take around 2.5 hrs to reach. Orange county is a famous resort there, but there are also many  home stay options available which we can book online. Nisargdhama is a forest resort, which is an excellent place for natural beauty and there is an elephant safari just next to it. Don't forget to visit Tibitan monastery in Kushal nagar. There are many other good places in Coorg, which i will cover in next days of plan. Meanwhile, it is best to taste the traditional kodava cuisine. 
Budhist monastery

But one caution.. Rainy season may not be the best time to visit Coorg as it is difficult to visit places and trekking cannot be done. Best season to visit is Oct to Apr.
Part II of plan here..

Until next time,

written for indiblogger contest by Ambipur


  1. Nice way to created an extended holiday!

  2. True Sireesha.. i was planning this kind of holiday from long time.. we had the plan to extend it to 10 more days to cover Udipi and Goa.. Sigh! it's impossible to get that many leaves :)

  3. West coast trip will actually takes priority in many means, compared to covering mysore and coorg.


    I will chose this, may be because, i've been to mysore and coorg many times :)


  4. true Ramki.. even we have a plan for that west coast trip.. But Mahesh didnt cover Mysore and Coorg.. I had been to Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg and would love to revisit coorg again for it's beauty


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