23 October, 2013

10 smart tips for being safe

Recently we see many articles in newspapers stating that cyberabad (hitec city area in Hyderabad) is not  safe for women to travel after 7 PM. It's shocking to read about many incidents which gave rise to this statement. In continuation with my earlier post here on smart suraksha app, wanted to share few tips for being safe in Hyderabad.

 1. Auto seems safer than shared private cabs. One thing - you can jump out of it in case of suspicion and another thing, outsiders can listen if we shout from auto. In case of cab, if windows are closed, outsiders may not be able to hear even if someone shouts.

2. It's better to take Meru cabs whenever you need to hire a cab, as it will have GPS setting on and their mobile app will allow you to send updates to your friends/ family members.

3.  Always follow main route even though there is traffic when you travel alone in auto or cab. It's better to be safe than to hurry.

4. When in suspicion, calling a friend or family member and mentioning your location regularly may help demotivating the attacker with the fear of getting caught easily.

5. Noting down cab or auto number is a good thing to follow, but it may not be possible always as we might be in hurry.

6. Carrying pepper spray always would be better. Here is the link on how to prepare it.

7. Self defence mechanisms like karate may help. But, it is the overall confidence and sharpness which are important to respond on the spot. Pushing the attacker, hitting with elbow, shouting and running would decrease the chance of risk giving more time to think.

8. Never be calm assuming you are helpless. Even though girls are weaker sex compared to boys physically, it may not be true all the time. Better to have confidence and use strength to avoid attackers. Be prepared.

9. As mentioned in earlier post, better to have apps like smart suraksha on mobile.

10. Last, but not least, have important phone numbers of close friends/ family set on speed dial, so that it will be easy to reach them quick.

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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