30 June, 2015

Motherhood taught me..

I love this wonderful quote by Dr.Seuss.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory - Dr.Seuss

Mostly, we wont realize the importance of beautiful moments in our life. Life is temporary and un-predictable. We get many ups and downs and we need some inspiration to be positive always. These moments and memories keep us going when we are low.

My thought process changed when I gave birth to my second kid. This time, I wanted to cherish each and every moment of motherhood. I enjoyed every small achievement of him and felt proud on his first crawl, smile and walk. I didn't want to miss those moments. It was so cute seeing him crawling and this phase of his life will be at-most few more months. Later, it becomes a memory. I can see these only on recorded videos. There were sleepless nights, waking up at least 3 times to feed him, which was not easy when I had to go to office without enough sleep. But, I felt, this phase is very small and these moments will never come again even if I want to. This brought more positivity in my life. 

Motherhood taught me patience and positive spirit, because kids are unpredictable, one day they laugh and play a lot, be cute and make life worth living. Some days, they get sick, stick to you whole day, cry without any reason, need your reassurance and attention whole day and irritate and drain you by the end of the day. Now, I am more matured to deal with stress. Earlier, multi tasking was never my forte. I was not able to cook properly if I talk on phone simultaneously. I used to give attention to every work I do and used to avoid multi tasking. If I do multi tasking, definitely I would spoil the work. Now, it doesn't seem difficult, to attend call, cook in the middle while taking care of baby simultaneously :-)

Life teaches many lessons, Good or bad - everything is an opportunity to learn something. So, cherish every small moment and capture them so that you can enjoy those memories later. 

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Also, this is in response to the invitation from Deeshani for 3 day quote challenge. Thanks Deeshani for inviting me to this challenge. Enjoying this challenge and would post 3 quotes on consecutive days :-)

The rules for the 3 Day Quote Challenge are simple.

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My Nominations for day 1 are:

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