21 September, 2015

Fair world?

Society is not very fair to dark skinned, especially in Indian society. Fair and lovely and other fairness cream ads promote this obsession to fair skin a lot. These have been my thoughts in the perspective of a young girl with dark complexion.

It hurts when people say,
    "you are dark, not attractive"
   " It's difficult to get a good alliance for you"

It hurts when,
    people ignore my educational qualifications and a good job
    and frown on my skin colour

It hurts when,
    ads show as if having a fair complexion is the only goal of every girl

It hurts no more,
    As I am matured now, to ignore those foolish people who see only colours and nothing else in an         individual.

Writing this post for #WordyWedensday Sentence prompt hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Sentence prompt: It hurts no more.

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