05 August, 2017

4 apps that I use to earn money #WriteBravely - WTFOW Day 2

I have a lot of apps on my phone. I install and remove some regularly after checking if they are useful in the long term. There are a few apps that I am using since one year which are proving beneficial to me.

Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

1. Ibotta

I have already written about this rebate app on my blog. 
All you have to do is, 

  • check the rebates before visiting any store/ restaurant.
  • Buy the product, retain the bill
  • Scan the product and submit the photo of the receipt 
The cash back is credited to your account. It's simple. Try here
Use my referral code: QQBAJEH, Submit your first receipt and get a free credit of $10 to your account. This is for US residents only. 

2. Slidejoy
This is a very cool app. Just install it and you get around $5 every 4 months just by allowing ads on your home screen. It is available on both iPhone and Android phones.
Here is my referral link.

3. Receipt Hog
This app gives you credits for every receipt you submit, whether it is a grocery trip bill/ gas receipt/ restaurant receipt. It is a very slow process to earn money but it's simple. We can order $5 Amazon gift voucher for 1000 credits. Here is the link to install the app, but it is not accepting applications currently, so your application might be pending for some time.

4. Sweatcoin 
I will not say this is a great app, but it will credit some sweat coins for each step we walk outside of the house. It works on GPS and network to count only outdoor steps. These sweat coins can be redeemed for some gift cards, but there are limited options to buy. Here is the link to download this app.

Ps: There are some referral links in this post and I get some incentive if you install apps using these links.

These are some resources that I use to earn some easy money. 
4 money saving apps

Until next time,

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  1. Interesting App Ramya, I would like to try some of these. They seem to be US specific. Do we have Indian Versions too?

    1. Yes Menaka. Most of them are for US residents. Slidejoy is available in India i think.

  2. Woa I didn't even know about these apps. Thanks a ton for sharing them 😀

  3. I wasn't aware about any of these. Thanks for this helpful post. Bookmarking it..

  4. Just downloaded Lock screen using your link. Hope this works for me. Great resources. Loved your tips.

  5. Now these are some great apps! I have never heard or used them before! Thanks for sharing, Ramya!

  6. New learnings indeed. Hadn't heard of any. Thank you.

  7. Some great apps you have shared! Thanks a lot :))

  8. Seriously? There are apps like this. Never knew. I am going to bookmark this one.


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