30 October, 2017

Gratitude List - Oct 2017

This month has been the most satisfying month in terms of reading, writing and managing kids. I got more time to read and I have scheduled a lot of blog posts ahead for #WriteTribeProblogger Challenge. I could participate in teaching dance to other little kids and my kids behaved well when I am busy with dancing.

1. Write Tribe Problogger Challenge
I have participated in this writing challenge and chose to post 10 #TravelTales from #Colorado. As per the challenge, I could post weekly twice this October. I am very happy and satisfied to write my travelogues and read many other blogs. Because of this challenge, I could read many wonderful posts and this is one step towards learning to write better. My blog traffic has gone up and of course, I expected it with consistent writing and sharing my content. I am grateful for being a member of Write Tribe group.

2. Dance
After a long time (2 or more years) I am going to perform on stage in November. Though it is not a classical dance which is my specialty, I am very happy to dance 3 hrs a week. I feel weak by the end of it but I feel happy too. Dancing really lifts up my mood. I am grateful to my friend and choreographer L for this opportunity.

Did I tell you? I am also teaching young kids for a performance. Though it is hard to teach kids who cannot focus on their steps more than 30 mins, I felt satisfied after a lot of practices. I know, there is a lot more to prepare them for the stage but I am amazed by the way kids are enjoying their dance steps. I am grateful to teenager N helping me with this making my job easy.

3. Pencil sketching
I am inspired by my blogger friend Shilpa Halwe and Instagram friend Siri to start drawing again. I have learned pencil sketching in my childhood and couldn't work on this art for a long time. Last week, I got time to do a pencil sketch of a landscape with my kid. I want to try Zentangle too. Many blogger friends are experts in that, so would follow their art and start learning. Drawing is a good stress buster for me though I don't have any stress lately :-)

4. Reading books
I am not accepting books for review as I am busy with other activities but there are some books that attract me to read even when I don't have time. I am getting used to kindle slowly and now I feel comfortable reading a digital copy. I did a promo post for The Everette Exorcism as I didn't have time to review, but I couldn't stop reading it. My review is coming soon. I reviewed The Story of my second marriage which didn't meet my expectations. I am currently reading 'Letters from Kargil' by Diksha Dwivedi, which is excellent. I have "The Forgotten Room" by Lincoln Child and "Empire" by Devi Yesodharan in my next to read list. I am enjoying the variety of genres and stories.

5. Get together
October is the month of celebration. With Diwali, Karthika Masam, a get together at home and my son's birthday we enjoyed time with friends. I tried my hands on cooking too and fortunately,  the dishes came well. We had a get together at home which was fun as we tried different types of South Indian tiffins this time. Now, we are gearing up for Halloween parade for tomorrow.

So, how is your October month? I wish you a happy November.

Until next time,

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  1. Seems like you're really exploring your creative side, Mahathi. Glad you had a great October. May your November be creative, fun and happy too.

    1. Thanks Corinne. Fortunately, i got more time to spend on creative side.

  2. Happy for you that you've had a good month. I didn't know you danced. A stage performance would certainly be wonderful. As for teaching kids - I can only empathise! It's such a coincidence that I'm reading Letter from Kargil too.

    1. Oh.. what a coincidence Tulika. A letter from kargil 😊👍

  3. Wow! Nice sketch Ramya. I love to sketch as well. I am glad that the month had been so fruitful to you :-)

  4. What a lovely month for you! Glad that it was good and you explored so many new things which is great. I have two left feet so if you had to teach me, you would be more annoyed than with the kids ;) Have fun!
    Did you know over my Ladakh trip, I had a chance to visit Kargil? We stayed there for a night and loved it. I will check that book. Have a great November!

  5. Congrats on completing Write Tribe Challenge and your dance performance. You are doing great with pencil drawing. Keep drawing. Happy November 2017 !!!

  6. You've had such a well-organized month, Mahathi! Congratulations on your consistent blogging. How nice to teach kids to dance! Lovely sketch! I saw another of yours on Facebook today--do keep doing it! So glad to have you in the Gratitude Circle! Have a great month ahead!


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