30 January, 2018

5 Productivity tips for Moms #MondayMommyMomments

Life of a mother is not easy. Multitasking and patience are the new skills that moms acquire to make things work from their side.

When you are a mom of 2 children, it means more time is dedicated to helping them with homework, school projects, taking them out for playing, office work and of course the regular housework of cooking and cleaning. I think, no experience would make these tasks easy. Until the children go above 5 years of age, it might be more stressful for a mom to manage both the kids and engage them. I have 2 boys of ages 6 and 3 and I still find it difficult to get some 'Me' time or relax. But, over the years, this is becoming easy and manageable as they are growing up.


So, let me share some productivity tips from my experience:

1. Eating at right time:
I observed many women skipping their breakfast in the mornings as they are busy cooking, packing lunch and making kids ready for school.
A healthy mother can raise happy children.
Eating at the right time makes you more productive. Don't believe me?  Try to get up 15 mins early than your usual time to have breakfast. Drinking coffee/ tea doesn't help and it will not count as breakfast. Eating cereal with milk is the quickest option in the mornings and Overnight oats with fruits are refreshing. If you eat breakfast early, you will have more energy to complete all your tasks and you can do them quick. If you are very strict with your timing while taking lunch and dinner, your productivity sure will improve.

2. Taking time to relax:
If we get time to relax a bit at regular intervals, we can even work for 12 hours on a stretch. Trust me on this. Working women might agree that taking 2 coffee/ tea breaks in working hours and chatting with colleagues will boost their productivity. If you are a stay at home parent, I agree that there is one or the other task which keeps cropping up always but take a 15-minute break just to sit and watch TV or to read a book or to take a power nap. This keeps you active for the remaining time of the day.

3. Planning and prioritizing is the key
This single point makes a big difference. Somedays, I am very busy with committed book reviews, cooking, dance classes, taking care of children and regular housework. I cannot reduce work anyways, but I can plan ahead and prioritize my tasks. I set reminders in my calendar for all my book reviews and keep alarms 1 day before to finish reading ahead. I am flexible to cook simple dishes like cooking one-pot meals (kichdi, biryani, fried rice etc) when I don't have time. I always prioritize my tasks and postpone some which are not very important. This boosts my productivity for sure due to better planning and less tension.

4. Seeking help 
I want to stress this point to all moms. It is not easy managing children, we get stressed out, we get a lot of doubts about what is good/bad and we might lose patience sometimes. All these are normal. But, if we can take help of our spouse/ parents/ friends, things will become manageable. Never feel shy to ask for help if you are stuck at something or stressed out. This definitely makes you more productive as you can focus your energy on a single task by delegating the other tasks to someone else.

5. Try any creative skill
We should have less stress to be more productive. Any creative art can destress our brain. So, try any creative art that you enjoy at least once a week like painting, singing, dancing etc., Even playing sudoku or singing karaoke with friends is fun way to destress. Many women feel relaxed by cooking and decorating their houses. Crochet, quilling, photography, craft making etc., - there is a lot to research on. Whatever it is that makes you relaxed, try it and implement it.

How do you improve your productivity? Share some tips in comments. Would be happy to know them.

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  1. Great tips for mommies. And totally agree that one needs to relax a bit too... It's very easy to get stressed taking care of so many things.

  2. Taking time to relax is key. And one of my rules is that once I leave my work building I don't think about work at all.


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