22 January, 2018

Explaining Indian Republic Day to kids

India celebrates its Republic day on January 26th. When I was a kid, I used to confuse between Independence day and Republic day. Both days were national holidays and we used to hoist the Indian flag on both the days at school.

Later, I learned from our teacher that India got its freedom from British rulers on Aug 15th, 1947, whereas it actually has written the constitution and enacted it on January 26, 1950. From that day, India became "the Sovereign Democratic Republic".

So, to explain to kids in simple words, we can say, 

The Republic day is the day when India actually implemented its ruling power by forming the Indian Constitution.

What is the Constitution?

India became an Independent nation in 1947 on August 15. But, Our Country needs our own set of rules, principles on which our government can run.

So, A committee was formed to draft the constitution which was led by Dr. B R Ambedkar in 1947. This committee has drafted fundamental laws on which Government can run and the authorities and rights of both the government and its citizens.

You will be surprised to know that our Constitution is the longest in the world!

This document has 395 articles, 22 parts, and 8 schedules. Oh, Such a big book :-)

How do we celebrate Republic Day?

Our President hoists the Indian flag in Delhi on that day. A military parade is the main attraction. This parade showcases India's defense capability and its cultural heritage.

Governors in their respective states hoist the Indian flag. Even in schools, colleges, and Universities, people hoist the flag, salute and show respect to our nation.

I hope, this simple post helps in explaining kids about the constitution and the Republic day.

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  1. happy Sankrant to you. Glad you could celebrate the essence of the festival even though you aren't in India.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna4:27 PM

    simple and effective explanation, yes! we all need to get involved our kids in celebrating National festival and it is great topic for #Mondaymommymoments.

  3. Anupriya Gupta11:41 PM

    As parents it is our prime responsibility to make our kids aware about wider matters such as those about our nation. Enjoyed your post.

  4. That's quite a collection of books on your TBR pile. Which ones did you read/like?

    P.S. Sorry for the super delayed visit on here, it's been crazy busy with construction going on at home.

  5. My kids use to confuse the two too! This is a simple way to explain to the kids indeed! Good one.


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