18 August, 2018

Time is the Most precious thing in the world #FridayReflections

I always believed that time is Gold. From childhood, I gave more value to time than money. I think, If we love someone, the best gift that we can give them is 'spending more time with them'.

Friends used to tell me during my school days that I manage my time well. I am good at planning, scheduling, and organizing.

The below quote changed my perspective of time. Of course, time is precious but why it seems to go fast when we are with someone we love and seems to go slow when we are bored. After all, time is different for everyone in the way they see it. Time might depend on our perception. 

Time is too slow for those who wait,too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve,too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love, time is eternity. ~ Henry Van Dyke

Beautiful quote, right?  

These days, I am struggling to get time to write. The common reason is that I don't get time due to household duties. After an exhausting India trip, there is a lot more to clean up and prepare for the children's school year. I have resumed my dance classes too after getting over my jet lag. The housework doesn't seem to end and I get a feeling like I am yet to complete loads and loads of syllabus before exams. 

But then, as per the quote - Time is eternal for those who love. I think I should love my daily work and enjoy every minute without cribbing for less time.  
What do you say?

Until next time,

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