26 December, 2018

Gratitude List for 2018 #GratitudeCircle

December is ending in a few days and thus 2018. We are waiting to welcome the new year 2019. 2018 is a very satisfying year for my personal and professional life. I am grateful to GOD and my family for helping me achieve my goals and end this year with happiness.

I couldn't write gratitude lists for last 2 months and of course, there is a valid reason which kept me away from the blog. But, these 3 months including December made this year fantastic.

Here are a few things that I am grateful for this year:

1. Work permit

2 years is a big break from what I love to do. I am passionate about software testing and I loved the work that I did in my career for 11 years. I am grateful to get a work permit in this country and I am excited to restart my career.

2. Dance classes

Due to many reasons, I didn't get time to promote my dance classes this year. Due to India trip and my job search, I couldn't focus on my dance classes. Still, I am grateful for the recognition I received this year for my dance classes/ performances. I think I will focus more on this the next year. I usually, don't post my personal dance photos on my blog, but let this be an exception as this is the end of the year :-)

3. India trip

I am grateful to GOD that I could visit my parents after 2 years and I am happy to make them feel happy too. Fortunately, we went to Shirdi with my extended family and we could spend more time. Kids enjoyed the trip a lot and time just flew by.

4. Learning curve

I could spend more time learning new technologies and refreshing my existing skills in 2018. I am grateful to the online resources and fantastic websites which helped me with this. I understood completely on how online resources can help in improving our knowledge. I think, if we have internet, we can learn anything these days.

5. Blogging

There are ups and downs in my blogging work this year. I got the opportunity to read multiple blogs through Blog chatter's My Frind Alexa campaign.  My Global Alexa rank went from 36 lakhs to 8 lakhs. I really enjoyed writing fiction for a challenge conducted by Write Tribe. These 2 challenges helped me to write consistently on my blog for some time.

Overall 2018 is a fantastic year to me, but it's time to say a Goodbye now.  I will re-connect with you all with another post on my word of the year for 2019. 

Until next time,

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  1. That’s a good year overall, wasn’t it? I saw the pictures from your dance in Facebook. It was fabulous. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead, Ramya.

    1. Thanks Vinitha. Most satisfying year to me. Advanced happy new year wishes to you.

  2. How wonderful to end the year on such a positive note . And I can imagine how excited you are to get back to work! Good luck with your goals for 2019 and hope to read more from you the coming year.

    1. Ya. Excited to start working again.

  3. Wow I didn't know about your dancing talent. You look great in the pic. Great gratitude list. Read mine too. We share something common 😊

    1. Yeay!we have India trip in common. Thanks Vritika. Advanced happy new year wishes to you.

  4. Super! It sure has been a wonderful year for you..being grateful will add to the abundance I must say. Lovely post

  5. I am so happy to know that you picked up dance again. I am a big believer of doing things we love. So I really wish you continue to perform and post pictures for us.
    So good that you got the work permit. Happy for you. I wish 2019 becomes the year you fulfill all your wishes. Happy New Year, Ramya.


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