31 March, 2019

A Pregnancy Journey - A Dad's perspective

I heard an excited scream early in the morning. It is not usual for Anjali getting up before me. So, I ran to the bathroom to know what actually happened.

When I am about to knock the door before forcing it open, Anjali opened the door with a shocking expression combined with happiness.

 "Ashok, See this!", She showed a stick with 2 pink lines.
I am clueless. "Arey, Budhu, We are going to become parents!"

I am not sure if I was happy or very excited, But I didn't feel to do anything like the men do in movies - holding the heroine and jumping with joy. I asked Anjali to take doctor appointment and let me know so that I can take leave (if needed).

First 3 months

Anjali is completely changed. She has severe vomiting sensation almost all times of the day (I don't why then doctor calls it only Morning sickness). Because of that sensation, she became very sensitive to smells, couldn't go to the kitchen, couldn't eat anything, and becoming weak due to vomitings.

I feel sorry for her, but I couldn't do anything other than reminding her to take the tablet to avoid morning sickness. I observed that more traffic and more braking during the drive to office is increasing her morning sickness. I have chosen a different route which is long but with less traffic and less pollution for our daily commute to the office. I had to start cooking as she cannot bear any smell and I know I am horrible at cooking, but I have to try.

Next 3 months

This time is cool. Anjali is back to normal again, her morning sickness gone.  She is happy and taking care of her diet. We are shopping together for healthy food like nuts, fruits etc., She is also having cravings surprisingly sometimes even in the midnights, we are going on a fun ride in the nights sometimes just to get her favorite ice cream/chana chaat that she likes.

I also see her mood swings because of hormone changes. She gets upset easily nowadays and cries even for a small fight between us. Seems strange, but I understand, it is not her fault after all but due to hormonal changes. Sometimes, it gets tough, but I am practicing patience.

8 to 9 Months

Anjali has changed physically. She is completely different now. All her old wardrobe doesn't fit her now and we are going for shopping trips often.

She looks tired, she has become plump and always panting for even walking fast. I cannot do anything to share her load though. The baby might be growing fast inside.

I told her to take leave from office and rest at home, but she took work from home as she felt, it's boring without office work. She cannot see her feet itself these days, as her tummy stretched to some extent. Since swollen feet is becoming a norm these days, I am applying oil daily to her feet before sleeping.

Many times, she asks me to feel the kicks of the baby, but the baby stops kicking exactly when I touch her tummy. I think I am slowly making an emotional bond to my baby even without seeing. It seems strange though!

I am nervous too as Anjali entered 9th month. I am always on alert whenever my phone rings. I keep my car tank full of fuel in case I need to drive to the hospital any day. I keep gynecologist's numbers and my insurance contact numbers handy. I explored the shortest and fastest routes to the hospital beforehand. I couldn't sleep well in the nights as I am awake whenever she moves and I want to be ready whenever she needs help.

Hospital Room

Ok, Our wait ended today. But, the experience is a mix of all emotions. When Anjali is in her labor room shouting with unbearable pain, I felt handicapped as I couldn't help her in any way, except checking her regularly to motivate her.

Anjali gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. All tired, she is sleeping after bearing pains for 12 hrs. The baby looked adorable and this sweet little Angel is nothing like I have dreamed before. It is time that I share my love with another Angel - my beautiful girl along with Anjali.

These 9 months were a hell of a ride. All is well, that ends well, right?

Until next time,

As women, we go through a lot during pregnancy but we forget that our spouse goes through a lot too with us and without our partner's support, those 9 months won't be easy. That is the reason, I wrote this post which I dedicate to all lovely dads and husbands who support their wives on their pregnancy and parenting journey.

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