27 February, 2020

Top 5 places to see in New Mexico with kids

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We underestimated the beauty and diversity of New Mexico. We covered Colorado,  South Dakota and A few parts of Utah and Arizona,  but we didn't plan #Newmexico trip earlier.

Our last visit to Santa fe made us rethink about our opinion on New Mexico. You can read about our Santa fe travelogue with kids. We loved the food, places, culture, art and especially the weather.

I collected information for our next trip there itself. We have many good places in New Mexico but the only problem is the distance between the places. Some of them require a lot of driving.

Here are the top 5 places to visit in New Mexico with kids.

1. Santa fe

I agree that iam a fan of Santa fe. This little art town has a lot of museums,  sculpture gardens, local art exhibitions and great Mexican food.

This town also offers some fun outdoor recreation like hiking in Bandelier national monument,  Kasha-Katuwe national monument,  the visit to illusion house Meow wolf, the Loretto chapel with the famous spiral stairs, The Governor's palace etc.,

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2. Albuquerque 

This is the largest metropolis in New Mexico.  It's a busy historical town with many attractions to visit.

Sandia peak tramway is a must visit with kids to view the beauty of the city from the top. ABQ bio park and Aquarium are fun for the whole family. 

Albuquerque Balloon fiesta  in October is famous time to visit. Petroglyph national monument has a lot of
ancient images drawn on volcanic rocks and the visitor center has many interactive educational exhibits. 

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3. Carlsbad

Carlsbad caverns national park is a must visit with kids. The park has around 119 caves inside. 

The elevator or the natural entrance trail takes the visitors to around 700 ft down and the Big room inside the caves is so large that it can fit 14 football fields.

The amazing formations like stalactites , stalagmites , draperies,  columns, popcorn etc., make this place look mesmerizing. The way the park is protecting these delicate features is praiseworthy.

4. Alamogordo 

White sands national monument near Alamogordo is fantastic place to visit with kids. The colour of the sand is due to the high amount gypsum in it. The sand is very soft and it shines so bright in Sun light that our eyes will strain.

Sledding on sand is a lot of fun for whole family. There are some kid friendly trails too. The visitor center has good information on why sand is white and how it is formed.

5. Santa Rosa

Blue hole which is located in Santa Rosa is a 80 feet deep natural pool which is at constant temperature of 62 farenheit. The water is very clear. 

This place is also known as scuba diving capitol of Southwest. Either your kids can check out the classic route 66 cars or try boating or scuba diving in Pecos river or drive through the historic route 66.

While those come as top 5 places to visit in my opinion,  there are many more places worth a visit like Roswell UFO museum, the giant shiprock near four corners, Taos, Bisti Badlands , Valles Caldera super volcano area and the scenic Ghost ranch.

So  how do you like these suggestions? Have you visited new Mexico earlier? What places did you like? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time, 

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  1. I’ve heard so much about the beauty and culture of New Mexico! Hope I can visit some day...

  2. Alomogordo looks amazing. All that white sand looks like snow.

  3. Wow what treats in this part of the world. The caves looked the most interesting to me. Amazing how nature creates these wonders and kudos to the humans for preserving them

  4. These sound like interesting places to visit.

  5. I have never visited New Mexico, but I should add it to our list of places to see. I definitely would love to see Carlsbad, Alamogordo, and Blue Hole. The geology of the area sounds fascinating.


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