05 May, 2020

Gratitude List - April 2020 #GratitudeCircle

Love, Happiness, and Gratitude.

We need all of these in this crucial and tough time that we are all going through. 

Due to COVID-19 Many might have lost jobs, many are in the danger of losing their income in the future, many businesses already facing losses due to closures, students lost the last quarter of their school year, stocks are going down, Many going into depression.  No one can ever sum up all the impacts of the Corona Virus yet.

As of today, globally 2.5 lakhs people lost their lives for COVID and there are 36 lakhs of confirmed cases. 

If you have a job right now and are not afraid of you and your family's financial needs, consider you are some of the luckiest. Be kind and grateful more than ever!

I am deeply grateful for my current situation and here is my Gratitude List for April 2020:

Dance School:

I have never thought of establishing a dance school and becoming a teacher myself. Never in my dreams or future plans. 

But it happened with my Guru's blessings. My teacher or my parents might have given more blessings and wishes which made this happen. I don't know. 

I named it "Kala Deepika Dance Academy". I know only one thing - everybody has a purpose in their life and one of my purposes is to teach dance.

Health :

I am not in pink of my health but I am grateful for having an active lifestyle, being a vegetarian, and having a supportive family.

Due to working from home, I am getting time for evening walks. On some days, I get time to watch tv and relax. I know that many women are not that lucky with a lot of work to do at home and also take care of children. I wish they take care of their health too.

I successfully stopped taking daily coffee. Green tea never suits my body, so have to plan for some good beverage without milk. 


Office work increased in the last month so much but I cannot complain, right? when many are losing jobs now. 

Even though work-related stress is more, I am grateful for the learning opportunity that I am getting. I could learn some new skills in the last month and complete Agile SAFE certification as well! 


I am never a foodie, but staying at home and eating home food for a long time is a bit boring. 

So, I tried a few dishes which I usually don't try. Successfully baked strawberry muffins, snickerdoodle cookies, prepared gulab jamun twice, learned the technique of making good masala chai, etc.,

A pat on my back as I don't enjoy the cooking space much :-)

Strawberry Muffins


Last, but not least! 
Every year I get tempted to take A2Z blogging challenge. this year too.. 

But, the situations were not that good to take part in the challenge. More work daily stretching beyond office hours, the stress of guiding kids, and helping them in online learning while office work is going on etc ., making me super tired by 6 PM. Then, cooking follows, eating, and sleeping.

But, every blogger gets an itch for writing, right? I couldn't resist that itch. Just on April 1st, I made a quick list of places to visit in Colorado for each alphabet, registered for the challenge, and jumped into the bandwagon. 

I have spent just 30 to 40 mins a day to quickly write a post, add photos, links, review, and publish. I could complete the challenge! 

You can check all my posts of A2Z Challenge here.

So, that's it from my side! Of course, a lengthy post. We are all longing for a friendly , face to face talk right?

How about your April? How did it go? Did COVID impact you a lot? Do let me know your comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Heartiest congratulations Mahathi for starting the dance school of your dreams and for successfully completing the A to Z Challenge. I remember having visited your blog during challenge.
    Gratitude is the best attitude to prevail in this uncertain and scary times.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  2. Wow, starting the dance school is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations, Ramya. I can't even imagine how you finished AtoZ challenge while having so much on your plate already. I just can't do it anymore. Daily blogging with my 3 year-old will cause so much stress.
    Reading your post reminded me that I am yet to finish my gratitude post for April.

  3. I'm so glad that you are pursuing your passion, Mahathi. I admire how you manage to pack all this in with your regular job too. Those strawberry muffins look so delicious!
    Take care and stay blessed!

  4. It is so maxing to see an attitude of gratitude, especially these days when we all feel a bit down and out. I love that you are holding on to the little things and celebrating them.

  5. Those cupcakes look so yumm! All the best for your dance school!


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