07 September, 2023

Dance Recital and Preparation

This is the most exciting time for the year. It's like Christmas or Thanks giving to me, as it's the time for our Annual Recital.

Most of my blog readers might know that Iam a professional classical dancer and I own a dance school - Kala Deepika Dance Academy in Austin, TX.

Annual Recital:

This is an event that we do every year to showcase whatever students have learned in that current year. It's a good way for parents to see how their kids are progressing.

This is the most anticipated event of the year to parents and students alike.



The planning and practice takes place almost 1 year ahead. With the recital date on radar, I start teaching specific songs to each batch and make them practice rigorously. 

It's sometimes challenging to schedule practices and train kids also considering their off days. Even the students who couldn't attend all classes should perform. So, it becomes tough and I plan extra classes for those students.


I have several batches of students at different levels and I usually select the songs that they can perform comfortably. I usually choose songs which they might have practiced a lot in the current year.

Then, I make a schedule with all the songs so that each batch gets some breathing space and rest in between. We plan on someone singing the prayer song. We check our times and decide on the whole show timeline. This will help us to decide the time of the recital, and stage rental.

Image by Asi from Pixabay


Through all these years, I have been learning a lot about planning logistics for a performance. It starts with a stage or auditorium rental, and confirm the facilities we need like focus lights, mics, speakers etc.,

Then, choosing a Event RSVP software to collect the RSVPs, get an estimate of guests. This helps us in planning to arrange food, water etc., for our guests.


The important part of the Recital is the execution. Choosing an MC, writing a script, and preparing the final schedule.

For little kids, A stage rehearsal and a dress rehearsal are very important so that they can perform comfortably in their costumes on that day and know where to stand on the stage.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Cleanup and Wrap up:

Preparing a good vote of thanks speech, taking as many photos as we like, and networking with people is as important as event itself. 

Cleaning up of the place before leaving, thanking the guests, and discussing the feedback form parents are all necessary to plan the next recital in an efficient way.

So, that's crazy amount of work to plan a recital. Wish us luck for our Annual Recital on September 10th. It's going to be fun and challenging of course.

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