28 November, 2023

5 hacks for Instant Happiness

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Now a days, people are searching for happiness. Many are clue less where to find it. But, I believe , Happiness is found within us. 

Being grateful for what we have, enjoying each moment and being present can make us happy. 

What about instant happiness? What to do for Instant Happiness? Are there any things / tasks / ways to get happiness? 

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Here are a few tips which bring me instant happiness:

1. Coffee

I need not drink coffee, just the smell of freshly brewing coffee make me feel better anytime. It can bring my mind away from boring and sad thoughts. It can lift up my mood and give me instant happiness.

Image by Elias Shariff Falla Mardini from Pixabay

2. Flowers

I love shopping for flowers. I enjoy picking up different flowers to put in my vase, like mixing up different colors of flowers, love the process of arranging them on rangolis etc., 

Flowers bring me instant happiness. That might be the reason we gift flower bouquets for important celebrations. 

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

3. Scent

A good scent always gives me instant happiness. I love those scented candles, but I read somewhere that the smoke caused by these candles is as harmful as cigarettes. 

Then, I switched to diffusers and essential oils. But, picking a pure essential oil is important as we get many fake ones in stores. I love lavender , peppermint and jasmine scent. 

Image by Racheal Parkinson from Pixabay

4. Nature walks

Nature is my best friend. A good walk / hike along the forests or mountains or beach or a lake is so refreshing. It immediately changes my mood. 

Image by Anja from Pixabay

I love watching the colors of the leaves, colorful birds, interesting cloud formations, colors of the sky during Sunrise, Sunset, the Sun rays reflecting on water and leaves giving the nature a gorgeous glow, rainbows, the smell of rain, the sound of heavy rain, the snow .... The list is too big. 

Don't you think, the shortcut to happiness is around us in the form of nature?

5. Doing something nice to others

Giving is happiness. Try it once, you will know. When we help someone and if it benefits them, it gives us happiness and satisfaction for sure.

Image by HK Kim from Pixabay

Coincidentally, today is Giving Tuesday. Many companies match the donations given on this day, so that the benefitting organizations get double the donation that we give. Try to donate for your favorite cause or make someone smile today.

What tasks give you instant happiness? Please do share in comments.

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  1. Yes, the smell of brewing coffee refreshes my mood instantly. I also use oil diffusers in my house. Lavender and vanilla are my favorite essential oil fragrances to fill up the house with.
    I loved this post, Mahathi. Instant happiness comes from the little things that we normally overlook. Going for walk or spending time by a stream on a hike fills the heart with unadulterated happiness.
    Happy to see you in Fiction Monday. Hope to read your post again soon. :)

    1. Thanks Vinita for dropping by. Enjoyed writing this post for prompt.


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