28 August, 2012

My friendship story

Good friends are like natural pearls, very rare to find and valuable. Here goes my friendship story :)

I saw her in my hostel room as one of my roommates, who is reserved and always in her own world listening to music. Initially, I didn’t like her as it is not easy to talk to her, there was a starting problem. What to talk, even if I talk how she will react, is she good to try a friendship etc., many doubts cropped up. There was a language problem too, she doesn’t know my mother tongue at all and her mother tongue is completely alien to me. Only communication channel available is English.

We slowly started talking to each other, sharing our views, interests etc.. One interest that we had in common was reading books. We used to go to library together, read books, exchange, discuss books etc., Iam more extrovert and outspoken than her, I used to talk a lot. She seemed to be matured in her behavior, always balanced and never let out her emotions so easily. Slowly friendship blossomed, she taught me her language, I used to learn and practice talking to her. She always encouraged me to speak only in her language so that I can learn fast and used to correct my mistakes with more patience. We used to watch movies together, roam places and share personal secrets as well. Once she went to some place for her office trip and then realization hit us harder. I could understand how much I miss her. It was horrible. I messaged her and disturbed her on her complete trip and even cried too. Then, we both realized our bond is strong. We are special to each other.

After 7 years from the day I saw her, we are still continuing the same bond, sharing happy moments and worst days and I cannot say in words how important she is to me in my life.  We crossed distance and language barriers and our friendship too is matured in all these years. May God bless her with happiness always, which is the only wish I can ask for.

This is my story :) Do you have any such friendship story about your best friend? Please do share your opinion in comments. 

The language of friendship is not words but meanings. -- Henry David Thoreau

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  1. this is seriously a very good story.....hope your friendship lasts forever...

  2. seriously a very good story....hope your friendship lasts forever


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