20 August, 2012

Washington DC tour

Princeton, NJ to Washington, DC - 182 miles, 3 hrs 40 mins

Journey to US capital started in the morning 7'o clock, thanks to our colleague for his safe driving :) Entered the GPS address to National mall, Washington DC and started through Route 1 of US highway. It was a fantastic drive with hot hot discussions and debates. Stopped for food for half an hour hour in Maryland and reached Washington DC by 12 o clock.
A tunnel before entering the city.. zoom..

Could reach Union station (Metro train and Bus station), after travelling through number of signals and testing all possible ways to enter parking area. It is very difficult to get parking in any place in the city, so we decided to park car in Union station and start the tour in a bus. Had nice Veg pizza.. Veg to be highlighted, as it is very difficult to get a pure veg pizza without egg. 

Took a tour package by bus(Hop on - Hop off buses). It was a pleasant trip as we were able to get an open air seat on the top of the bus to visit places and take photos. But, don't ask about heat, sun was on the top of the head, horrible! :) I liked this concept of hop-on, hop off bus as we can hop off wherever we like, visit the place and get the next bus to go to next stop. Bus frequency was very good and this way we have more freedom to visit our favorite place for more time and spend less time in other places. Audio commentary inside the bus about the places to visit was also good. Here are some snaps..


Loved this quote!

I thought it was my duty to risk my life to learn aviating, and to encourage men and women of the Race... Did you know you have never lived until you have flown?

Last, but not least - The White house

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour :)

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  1. Shyni9:43 PM

    Feel like visited those places... Super

  2. nice trip tht u hav shared! we missed visiting east side of US :-( but njoyed the virtual tour :-)


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