28 January, 2018

Best books that I read in 2017 #BookRoundup

This post has been pending from the starting of January. But, it is a lot of effort to relook all the books that I read and choose some to showcase on my blog.

I have read 38 books in 2017 and there are some books which I liked a lot and so, wanted to share them with my readers of the blog. 

These are the books that I liked in 2017:

1. Busting Cliches by Mahevash Shaikh 
#NonFiction #Motivational

If I have to decide the best book that I read last year, it is this. This is a nonfictional motivational book about some old proverbs and sayings which are misinterpreted by most of us. This book busts those cliches and discusses them with examples from our everyday life. I usually, don't read non-fiction as I find it boring. But, this book is very practical and relatable to our everyday situations and problems. 

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2. Letters from Kargil by Diksha Dwivedi
#NonFiction #War

This is an interesting find from, a platform to read good books. I liked this book though it is a non- fiction and the format is not a story but letters. I heard and read in the newspaper about Kargil war but I never knew the details about how difficult the operation Vijay was, how many soldiers died and how many families were impacted until I read this book. Some letters are heart-wrenching to read. I can understand what their families have gone through after losing their family member. The courage and the sacrifice of each soldier are evident from their letters. Read my review here.

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3. Ponni's beloved by Sumeeta Manikandan

'Ponniyan selvan' which is the original of this translated work is already a popular novel in Tamilnadu. The story is set in the era of Cholan ruler Sundara Chola and it is all about the politics in the kingdom, the beauty of the place, its culture and people. I appreciate the translation effort of the Author and I liked the way she explained Tamil poems too. Overall, a wonderful read and I would love to read other parts in the Series too. Read my review here

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4. The Everette Exorcism by Lincoln Cole
#Horror #Paranormal #Occult

This is the second book that I read from the author and Horror is my favorite genre. Father Paladina reaches a small town in Washington state from the Vatican to investigate an issue reported by Father Reynolds requesting a person to perform an exorcism on Rose who he thinks is possessed and needs help. The transformation of the character 'Father Paladina' is great from not believing ghosts to acting bravely when required when encountered with a real ghost. I recommend this to all horror, paranormal and occult lovers. Read my review here

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5. Chameleon by Zoe Kalo
#Suspense #Thriller

This might be my third book by the same author and I love his writing. This is a perfect suspense thriller.
The story starts when Paloma, a teenager is expelled from school due to her behavior and lands up in a convent which has some dark secrets hidden inside it. As she gets acclimatized with the environment and start making friends, she learns about some secrets and murders. How she reveals the real character of her roommate and handles the mind games of the killer forms the remaining story. Read my review here.

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I also enjoyed reading the below books last year:

Empire by Devi Yesodharan #HistoricalFiction
Melvin the saddish Robot by Joshua Margolis #Childrensbook
Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh #ShortStories #Anthology #Fiction
Mama's Knight by Aurora Whittet #Childrensbook #CancerSurvivor
All that glitters by Liza Trevino #Womensfiction #ContemporaryFiction
Around the world in 80 tales by Dave Tomlinson #NonFiction #Travel
The Opposition by Alicia Bryant #ContemporaryRomance #Fiction

How many books did you read in 2017 and what did you like? Do let me know so that I can add them to my wish list.

Until next time,

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