18 April, 2019

Gratitude list for March 2019 #GratitudeCircle

How was my March? Just, busy. I was practicing for 2 dance performances and also giving classes on weekends. Work and home management is as usual without much challenges.

I couldn't complete reading even a single book but spent my time participating in blog trains by writing atleast weekly once. Iam so grateful for that.

In some discussion with a friend I heard about the dreaded C word again and the struggles the family is going through along with the patient. This made me realize how lucky we are for every small thing we have. Health, wealth, shelter, family, food, love, hobbies- every small thing. Life is unpredictable and nothing is permanent.

So, this month my gratitude list is very basic and ofcourse iam more than grateful for every little thing that God gave me.

Here goes my Gratitude list for March :

1. Health :

This always tops my gratitude list as you know, everything else like money can be earned but we should be blessed with good health.

Yes, we can improve our health by excercise and good diet but our genes/DNA impact some diseases that we get and eating good food is difficult these days with the pesticides being used in farming.

Iam grateful for my health and my family's and I pray to God that everyone be blessed with better health. I request everyone to focus on their health, be mindful and take good care of themselves.

2. Happiness

Be grateful for every thing in life,  you will be happy. Iam grateful for my happiness and contentment.

I read a beautiful WhatsApp forward from my friend who scientifically explained the reasons for happiness.

  • Playing and exercising releases endorphines.
  • Being appreciated by someone or being valued by someone releases dopamine.
  • Sharing what we have and helping others release serotonin.
  • Physical affection, hugging and being loved release oxytocin.

These 4 harmones ensure our happiness.

3. Hobbies

Iam grateful to my parents for introducing some hobbies to me at an early age which give me happiness. Reading books, dancing and painting are very relaxing.

4. Money :

We should all be grateful to God for having a shelter and food every day. Moreover,  iam grateful for having money for luxuries and money enough to lead a comfortable life.

5. Love :

I cannot tell you how grateful iam for my loving parents,  spouse, inlaws, children and my sister. They are the reason for my peaceful and happy life.

Being loved by someone is the greatest asset in life. Never take this for granted. Life is short. Love them back, forgive others mistakes, don't carry revenge and free yourselves.

So, that's about my generic but important gratitude list for last month. What are you grateful for? Do let me know in comments.

Have a happy April.

Until next time,

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