15 April, 2019

The top 5 summer activities in Colorado

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Summer is the lively and lovely season here. The long days give more energy and more light to do multiple activities. I wait for summer to start my gardening,  try new hikes, go for daily walks, and to splash in the pool with kids.

Since we experience more cold days in Colorado,  we wait for summer. As you know, the state is surrounded by mountains and breathtaking scenery,  we have endless options to explore. All neighborhood parks will buzz with kids of all ages playing, biking, running, etc.,

Here are the top 5 activities I would love to experience in Summer:

1. Hiking

In Colorado,  we don't have a limit on how many trails we can hike. 'Barr trail' to pikes peak seems to be everyone's target. I love to hike the kid friendly trails like seven falls, Helen hunt falls, garden of the Gods, Red rocks open space, and pulpit rock hike. All these are kid-friendly and easy to medium trails.

2. Traveling

Summer is the best time to visit national parks in Colorado like rocky mountains national park, Mesa Verde national park and visit some national monuments like Colorado national monument,  chimney rock national monument. It is great to cool off at some waterfalls like seven falls, bridal veil falls, Alberta falls, etc., The options are a lot. For a different experience,  we can visit sand dunes national park or cave of the winds.

We have covered most of them but we are always ready to explore more.

3. Camping

We haven't tried camping yet but I know that there are a lot of beautiful places to soak in the beauty of nature. There are around 41 Colorado state parks and many private campgrounds as well.

4. Boating, white water rafting, and fishing

We have many reservoirs and lakes in Colorado. Boating is fun for kids. For adventurous people, there are options of kayaking and white water rafting. Canon city is nearer to us which offers rafting packages near Royal gorge area. There are multiple rafting options at Salida, Fort Collins,  Glenwood Springs, etc.,

There are boating options near Denver like cherry creek state park and Chatfield lake. Some of the best lakes for boating are Grand lake in rocky mountain national park,  Grand Mesa reservoir,  Granby Lake, and Boyd lake. Fishing is another great family fun activity.

Kayaking is another fun thing to do and kayakers love Colorado for the gorgeous white waters. Colorado is the best place for both kayaking and white water rafting as we have many rivers here. Check the best sit-on-top kayaks.

5. Mountain biking/ cycling

The long days allow us to spend more time outdoors. Mountain biking is adventurous and fun. Younger kids can enjoy cycling. Colorado has many biking trails. Crested Butte is famous for its beautiful scenery and biking trails.

How are you planning to spend the summer vacation? What activities are you planning to explore this year? Let me know in the comments.

Have fun but stay hydrated.

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  1. Wow! Your post makes me want to come to Colorado soon! Have fun!

  2. I love the idea of spending time outdoors - camping and hiking must be fun if the weather holds up.

    1. True! Spending time outdoors is fun

  3. Seems exciting. Happy holidays to you. Waiting for pics from ur adventures

    1. Thanks Gayatri. Will share my travelogues soon

  4. How I wish I could visit Colorado and do all these things! I have definitely added these things to my bucket list.


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