07 December, 2019

5 Unconventional Gift ideas for this holiday season #WordsMatter

Here comes the Holiday Season. Many might have started planning holiday gifts to family, friends and colleagues and searching for some unique unconventional gifts.

This season excites me even though we don't celebrate Christmas and give presents. Everything about gifting including choosing gifts, wrapping them, writing personal notes, preparing greeting cards is interesting to me.

This month's prompt for #WordsMatter blog hop is "If I could give/receive one gift..".

Here is a Local Colorado Gift guide written by me with a consolidated list of Colorado local businesses and products.

Since we read many holiday gift guides and ideas, let me write about some unconventional gifts that I would like to receive.

Here are my Top 5 Unconventional Gift ideas:

Indoor Plants :

I love my house decorated with indoor plants. They add the extra beauty to our house, right? In the locations like we stay, it's cold from November itself, and so, we cannot do much gardening.

So, for people like us, some gift ideas would be Succulents which are easy to maintain. Some suggestions are - Jade plants, Silver dollar plant, Chinese money plant, Oxalis etc.,

Lessons :

There are many options if we want to gift lessons. 

A couple Salsa lesson, Sky diving lessons for adventure kind, Painting classes, Cooking lessons etc.,

I have attended a painting class once and I feel, it's the best gift that we can give to anyone. There is no need of experience in painting to attend this class, they teach and make us paint in a casual environment.

Travel Packages :

The good thing about gifting a travel package is that there can be a lot of variety. 

A skiing trip couple package, one night stay accommodation in a resort with mountain / beach view, a day package of any resort, Snowshoeing/ snowmobile package etc., 

Here are some Winter activities to try in Colorado.

With Airbnb and Vrbo, it has become easy to book any unique accommodation quickly. Airbnb is also introducing the day tour packages and activities/ travel experiences for specific cities.

But, when we get someone any package, we should see that they have enough time to use it. Else, the packages might expire and get wasted.

Beauty and Spa Packages :

Who doesn't love a relaxing package as gift?
How about - A spa treatment,
Pedicure / facial in good beauty salon,
Body massage etc., 

Groupon usually will have some or the other local deals and it is not tough to get a good package at lower price.
In today's stressful lives, these treatments make good gifts.

Food :

Any day, Comfort food is always the best gift. We cannot ourselves buy sweets , desserts, ice cream and indulge a lot thinking about our weight. But, If we get a box of donuts or a new flavor of ice cream, can we reject? 
We gladly accept right?

In India, we gift sweets for Diwali. So, we already follow this. But, we can think of different ideas like cupcakes, brownies, donuts, ice cream etc.,

So, Those are a few gifts that I would love to receive :-)
Anyone listening?

Until next time,

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  1. Lovely gifting ideas Ramya; especially loved the plant and the lessons. Those are the ones i would cherish the most

  2. I'd love to take an art class! And those cupcakes look yummy. Lovely gift ideas for the season.

  3. Fabulous gifting ideas, Ramya. Indoor plants and Dance/music lessons get my top vote. I wouldnt mind beauty and spa packages too :D

  4. Very clever gift ideas. I'd love the classes, if I had a choice! Well-compiled, Ramya. It comes so handy during this gifting season. Will definitely bookmark your post for ideas.

  5. Ah! Nice ideas. We always think of things as gifts - experiences are great too!

  6. Hey Ramya, such good ideas and I am with you in gifting sweets to our loved ones. We avoid buying for ourselves but are happy to eat when they are gifted

  7. I love gifting and receiving plants! Thank you for an informative post.


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