21 December, 2018

5 Winter activities to enjoy in Colorado

I was on a blogging break for sometime, but I cannot miss this post in Winter. Being a resident of Colorado state, I feel, winter is the most happening season here with skiing, snow tubing, snowmobile, and other fun winter activities. 

winter activities in Colorado

Don't worry about the cold weather out there! Plan proper winter wear with layering, winter jackets, gloves, thermals, use hand and toe warmers, choose woolen socks and snow boots, grab a good scarf, cover your ears and jump in! I assure you 100% family fun in the below activities.


Colorado is famous as good skiing destination with many ski resorts which offer family fun. Copper mountain and Monarch mountain seem to top the list when it comes to skiing for beginners and at the intermediate level. Many resorts offer classes to kids as well. Keystone resort, Resorts at Vail, Breckenridge and Aspen are famous for their luxury accommodation and best facilities. Check this article on the best ski resorts in Colorado. 

Snow tubing:

Your family can never forget snow tubing experience easily. Kids and adults can enjoy tubing equally. We tried tubing at Saddleback ranch in Steamboat Springs, which was a great experience. I heard, Winter Park, Fraser Tubing Hill, and Frisco are also famous for tubing. Check this link to get more information on tubing hills in Colorado.

Check my travelogue on Steamboat Springs. 


This is one of the fun family activities in the snow. Riding on Dog sleds, watching the vast expanse of land blanketed in snow is wonderful, especially during afternoon/evenings. 

Ice Skating:

I haven't tried ice skating yet, but I heard it is a fantastic activity to enjoy as a family together. There are a lot of indoor skating rinks as well in Colorado. Many resorts offer skating classes for both adults and kids.


We tried snowmobiling in Steamboat Springs with kids. It might be difficult with kids, but fun is guaranteed. Watching the snow on all sides riding on a snowmobile through ups and downs, it felt like there is no greenery at all. It felt like riding in a snow ocean. If you have more time and patience, your family should try this for sure.

In addition to all these activities, take long drives (be safe while roads are slippery), soak in hot water springs, drink hot chocolate, take gondola rides and experience the beautiful views of snowy mountains. 

I love the winters for all these activities and the beauty of nature even though there is extreme cold out there. How do you like winters? What family activities do you prefer in winter? Do let me know in comments.

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