29 September, 2006

About a nice book that i read - Davinci code - [Book review]

Reading books is a nice timepass for me. Recently i read 'Davinci Code' written by 'DanBrown'. People who like suspense and thriller stories will love this. Sure!!!

In this book, author gives references to some gospels of Bible which were not revealed to the world till now. This book says jesus Christ had a married life and have a child and some gospels in Bible were intentionally removed to suppress this truth. So story revolves around Robert Langdon(a professor and symbologist) and his search for the 'Holy Grail' which supposed to contain the documents that prove Jesus's married life with Mary Magadelene. In this search he tries to solve and decipher many codes with Sofie which will be very interesting to read...

So friends.. If any of you are interested in deciphering of codes, thrilling stories , this is the right pick. I feel it is one of the best books i have read. Thats the reason why iam sharing my experience in this blog. Comments are welcome. :-)

You can purchase the book here:

Until next time..

26 September, 2006

First Blog


This is Ramya. This is my first blog..So thinking what to write???...
First i will tell u why i have chosen this name for my blog.
The name 'Fantastic Feathers' reminds me of feathers of a peacock.
it reminds me of its confidence, Enjoyment when it dances etc., As iam a Classical dancer basically, my intuition made me to select this name. It is a treat for eyes to see a peacock to dance with its beautiful long blue feathers.. Isn't it? :-)

Until next time..
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