17 April, 2021

5 Best things to do in Albuquerque with Kids

 Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico. It is abbreviated as ABQ and gets its name from Spanish. ABQ is a great place for a family vacation due to its unique landscape and mild weather throughout the year.

5 Best things to do in Albuquerque with Kids:

1. Experiencing the International Baloon Festival

The International Baloon Fiesta organized every year in October is the most anticipated event in Albuquerque. In 2021, it is scheduled for October 2nd to 10th, and usually, the tickets start selling by June itself. 

The colorful balloons in creative shapes dotting the skyline during Sunrise / SunSet are considered to be a wonderful sight. Balloon rides also will be available to see the city from the air.

We are planning to attend this year, but have to see if we can make it.

There is a hot air balloon museum in the city if you want to know more about balloons!

Image by Thaddeus Moore from Pixabay 

2. Hiking the Petroglyph National monument 

This is a must-visit place if you are traveling with kids. Petroglyph National monument protects a landscape of 17 miles with designs and ancient symbols carved on volcanic rocks by Native Americans from 500 to 700 years ago.

The Park is split into 3 areas - Boca Negra Canyon, Rinconada Canyon, and Piedras Marcadas Canyon.

 Mesa Point trail in Boca Negra canyon is an easy 0.4-mile trail with a little bit of climbing to the top and is a good introduction to petroglyphs. The cliff base trail and Macaw trail are both easy.

Rinconada Canyon and Piedras Marcadas Canyon have options for longer hikes with more petroglyphs to view.

3. Ride the Sandia peak tramway

Reaching the Sandia peak of 11,000 ft elevation on the tramway in mere 15 mins is great to relish the views of this desert city. 

While the top of the mountain is 20 to 30 degrees cooler than city temperature, there are hundreds of hiking trails to access from the peak. There is also a restaurant TEN3 on the peak.

Watching Sunset riding on the tramway is considered the most memorable experience for any.

We couldn't ride the tram due to high winds when we went in February, but we drove to the peak. We came across the ski area and hiking trails on the way.

Photo courtesy: Flickr

4. Enjoy the Mexican Food

If you are like us who love Mexican food, Albuquerque seems like a paradise for food lovers. El pinto restaurant in North Valley is unique in the interior and exterior decoration and famous for the authentic and tasty Mexican food.

It's difficult to get a table on weekends and weekdays alike, so we reserved ahead for dinner. We loved the experience and 100% recommend it to all visitors.

Be prepared to answer if you want green chile or red or Christmas(a combination of both red and green).

Some other highly recommended Mexican restaurants are Flying star Cafe, Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant, Padilla's Mexican kitchen, Little Anita's, Cocina Azul, and Church Street Cafe.

5. Walk the Old downtown Albuquerque 

No trip is complete without understanding the culture and history of the place, right? I suggest you don't miss a walk downtown.

Church street cafe is famous in the downtown which you can consider for lunch. San De Felip Neri church is the oldest standing church. This church has an interesting Virgin Mary sculpture carved in the tree which is known as the Virgen De Guadalupe tree Turquoise jewelry is famous here! Don't forget to shop downtown.

San Felipe De Neri Church PC: Creative common license

  Bonus tips:

1. We loved exploring the National Museum of Nuclear science and history. It takes 2 to 4 hrs to cover the museum, but kids will love this. ABQ Bio park is another recommended place for kids.

2. Someday trips to consider from Albuquerque : 

a. Jemez Mountain scenic byway with hot springs and waterfalls

b. Santa Fe - Read this travelogue for more details

c. Sky city at Acoma pueblo (the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in North America) - around 1.5 hrs from Albuquerque 

d. Bisti Badlands near Farmington - 2.5 hrs from Albuquerque 

e. Chaco culture national historic park - 2.5 hrs from Albuquerque 

3. Read more about our New Mexico Road trip if you want to extend your trip from Albuquerque to Four corners monument, White sands National park, Roswell and Bandelier National Monument, and Kasha- Katuwe National Monument.

The weather is getting better, are you planning for any trip? Would love to know your travel plans. 

Feel free to comment.

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02 April, 2021

Gratitude List - March 2021 #GratitudeCircle

 My March has been quite calm and good. Not much activity. No dance recitals with usual online classes. Could read some good books, hike a few places, relaxed at home watching multiple snowstorms by the window, and got my first dose of Covid vaccine.

It's the Spring season. I am hoping to start gardening soon. Temperatures are getting warm and so, I am excited about regular walks and weekend hikes. 

Here comes my Gratitude list for March 2021:

Covid Vaccine :

One important thing to be grateful for. Just the last year, exactly at the same time, the world started experiencing the seriousness of Covid 19 and at least we got some solution even though we don't know yet how powerful or effective the vaccine might be.

Spring Season :

In Colorado,  this year we saw many snow storms before Spring and we are eagerly waiting for the warm days ahead.

As you know, I am most excited to start gardening. 

Reading and Relaxing time :

With snow on most of the days in March, I had more time to read books, relax in the evenings and watch Netflix.

Rtu Vidya is one of the useful books I read recently and Love at first is a romance. 

I started watching Designated Survivor on Netflix and I am enjoying it so far. I am searching for good suspense series to watch in the evenings to relax after work. I am looking for something similar to Lost, Dark, etc., Any suggestions?

Catching up on new job :

I am grateful for my new job which made work-life balance easy. I  owe to my colleagues and seniors of the team who are always ready to help a new team member. I am learning new skills, expanding my technical horizons for the last few months and I am enjoying the journey.

Online learning and spring break :

At last, by the last quarter, both kids are getting in tune with online learning and completing assignments on time. It's a different situation especially for a kindergartener to learn online without going to school at least once, not knowing the names of their classmates, without playing in the breaks, not losing patience while listening to classes. 

I  really feel all kids who did virtual learning this year did a great job getting accustomed to it. I am grateful for the technology and options we have in these times to learn and work from home.

Due to snowstorms, our kids' spring break just went by with playing at home. We will make it up for their summer break. 

So, that's about my March. What are you grateful for today? Do let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

Linking to #GratitudeCircle hosted by Vidya Sury. 

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