18 September, 2018

5 Best places to see Fall colors in Colorado #ColoradoFallGuide

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The best season to travel in the USA is the Fall. The weather is not too cool but pleasant. The nature changes it colors to beautiful yellows and oranges. You can see decorated and carved pumpkins outside the houses and a few spooky decorations getting ready for Halloween.

Colorado being a beautiful mountain region, we can see a vast landscape from mountains filled with orange and yellows. As per an update on Sep 15th, leaves started changing colors in Aspen and Rocky mountain national park already. I think peak color might be coming weekend 22nd or next weekend 29th. But, you never know! Read some reviews of the place before planning a trip. 

5 Best Places to see fall colors in Colorado

Here is a list of 5 places, in my opinion, are worth a visit this fall season. We are experiencing an early fall this year in Colorado.

Kenosha Pass:

Kenosha Pass, which is 2 hrs drive from Colorado Springs has the largest Aspen grooves in the state. At a starting Elevation of 10,000 ft, Kenosha pass offers breathtaking views of beautiful Aspen leaves in the Fall. There are different trails from easy to moderate levels. 

Aspen :

Aspen is a beautiful mountain town which is the best place to visit during fall. Ride Gondola or chairlift to enjoy the scenic beauty from the top. Visit Maroon bells and watch the stunning scenery with perfect orange hues. I suggest you drive to Aspen through Independence pass and twin lakes which offer breathtaking views of colorful trees. 

Here is my Itinerary of Aspen, Maroon bells and Independence Pass. 

Maroon bells
On the way to Maroon Bells
Rocky Mountain National Park:

As per the update from the park on Sep 15th, leaves already started turning yellow. Check their facebook page for the latest updates on color change.

The rocky mountain national park is good to visit in all seasons except winter when it might get closed sometimes. Trail ridge road, Old Fall River Road, hike to Bear Lake etc., offer great views of orange and yellow leaves. Hidden Valley, Twin sisters trailhead and Glacier Gorge trail to Alberta falls are some of the popular trails during the fall season. Read my Day 1 and Day 2 itinerary of Rocky mountains. 

Million Dollar Highway :

The drive on US highway 550 from Ouray in San Juan mountains is a lifetime experience. This highway is known as Million dollar highway which goes to Silverton which offers beautiful views of Aspen trees on the way. This road leads to Pagosa Springs and Durango and the drive will have numerous stops to stop and take snaps.

Colorado Fall guide

Peak to Peak Scenic Byway:

Peak to Peak scenic byway from Estes Park to Nederland through clear creek canyon is one more gem to visit fall colors. There are many Aspen trees, ghost towns and gold mine towns on the way. This 3-hour drive from Estes Park is one of Colorado's oldest scenic byway. 

Even though I mentioned only 5 places in this post, there are a lot of good places to visit in Fall like Steamboat Lake state park in Steamboat Springs, Mueller state park, Cottonwood Pass near Buena Vista, Washington Gulch near Crested Butte, Grand Mesa national forest etc.,

I hope, you liked my post and wish you all enjoy a great scenic drive during this fall season. Happy Traveling folks :-)

Until next time,

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17 September, 2018

5 Easy Sewing projects for Kids

I am not very good at sewing. But, I love sewing, embroidery and other creative works that we can do with fabric. 

Do you want to introduce young kids to sewing? Are you looking for some super simple projects for your kids? Then, read this. 

I suggest 5 easy and fun sewing projects especially for kids below 7-year-old.

Easy Sewing projects for kids

Buttons on socks :

Sewing buttons with the hand is the most basic project that we can introduce to kids. What do you say? 

We can take some old socks, take some buttons, color them to suit the socks and let them sew them with needle and thread. We can teach a simple cross stitch to make between the holes and tell them to repeat until they get it properly.

Stuffed Animals:

We can fill the socks with rice/ sand and tell them to stitch around to make a lovely stuffed animal. Explore different colors and choose a cute and bright colored sock for it. This can be used as a sensory play toy also. 

check this cute project if you want to go further and enhance it.

Fun Sewing projects for kids
PC: www.pixabay.com


This is simple, right? Try sewing a pillowcase for a square pillow, which is easier. Take 2 cloths, measure them with pillow size, cut into 2 squares and just use a simple stitch to sew around. Voila! Kids are happy with this simple project and they get to use it too. What say?

Sewing projects for kids, Pillowcase
PC: www.pexels.com

Placemats :

It's not that tough to prepare a nice placemat for your dinner table. 

You just need oilcloth and a lining fabric with vibrant patterns. You can also sew a pocket to insert paper napkins. Follow this detailed tutorial from Jen to try.

Reversible headbands :

Fancy and simple headbands are very useful and easy to sew. Follow this tutorial from Jessica to try the headband. 

You need a good fabric and elastic to prepare this one. This headband works in reverse direction as well, which is cool.

Easy sewing projects for kids
PC: www.pixabay.com

Not sure on how to start sewing and which sewing machine is good? Here is a beginner's guide.

So, how do you like these projects? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

PS: This post is sponsored. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about sewing projects for kids.

14 September, 2018

The Mind's Eye by Perry Prete - [Book Review]

Book Details:

Book Title: The Mind's Eye by Perry Prete

Category: Adult Fiction; 243 pages

Genre: Thriller

Publisher: Sands Press

Release date: March 7, 2018

Tour dates: Sept 3 to 21, 2018

Content Rating: R (Violence towards women based on real life events, language, graphic violence)

Book Description:

Nicole Baker is a quiet girl - the type of person who is seldom noticed by anyone. That is until one day she discovers she has the unique ability to see images move on photographs. At first, she uses her ability to entertain friends at parties and work. Then senior detective Paul Hammond learns of her ability and enlists her help in a case of unsolved murders that he has not been able to make any headway on.

Carl Kadner, a rookie reporter with the local paper is investigating the murders as well. And he learns what it takes to be the kind of reporter he wants to be when he puts himself in danger for the sake of the story. It is only when Carl, Nicole and Detective Hammond pool their resources that things start making sense.

To read reviews please visit Perry Prete's page on iRead Book Tours.

My Review:

This is the story of an investigation done by Paul Hammond and other detectives about a few missing girls. The girls were dead with some parts removed and cut surgically in a barbaric way. Paul, Dan, and Ken are the detectives working on the case for more than 6 months but without much clues or leads to find the criminal

Fortunately, Paul meets 'Nicole' who is gifted with a talent through which she can learn the events happened at the time of the picture taken by just seeing the picture of anyone. She helps Paul a lot in giving clues about the murderer. Carl is a young reporter who investigates the missing girls' case on his own and he is par and above the police in finding the clues. How Police can catch the murderer? OR how Nicole can help in catching the murderer form the remaining story. 

What I liked?

I really enjoyed the thrill part of the book. The suspense is great and the sequence of events slowly revealing each part of the puzzle is worth reading the book. 

The characterization is good. Simmone is the best friend that everyone love to have. Katy is a unique personality being a law student and still encouraging crime. Carl though intelligent makes mistakes but works hard to write a good story for his paper. Sam is a protective father and a good person. Nicole is sensitive, helpful and very strong at the same time. 

I love the cover of the book, which is very apt. The title is ok.

What might have been better?

There are some typos in the book - names interchanged here and there and some typos. They might have been avoided with proper editing.

I felt, there is still one piece missing - there is no indication in the book about Nicole's ability and why is she connected to Will and not to anyone else. I was expecting to read this connection at the end of the book and was disappointed as it was not covered.

Overall, this is wonderful on the edge thriller and I would recommend this to all crime thriller lovers. 

My Rating: 4.5/5

PS: I have received this print copy from the author through Iread book tours and this review is my honest opinion.

Buy the Book:

Meet the Author:

Perry Prete is a Canadian crime writer and paramedic. His first novel, All Good Things, introduced us to Ethan Tennant, a City of Ottawa paramedic who looks at crimes from the medical perspective.

Perry continues to work full-time as a paramedic and uses his thirty plus years of life changing and sometimes dramatic experiences to bring realism to his gripping medical novels. His other works include, The Things That Matter Most and All Good Things.

He is also a business owner, specializing in the pre-hospital care field. His company sells medical equipment across North America, primarily to EMS agencies.

A native of Sudbury, Ontario, Perry, graduated from Fanshawe College in London but now lives and works in Brockville, Ontario.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

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13 September, 2018

Vinayaka Chavithi - A festival devoted to Lord Ganesha

Vinayaka Chavithi is a festival celebrated to pray Lord Ganesha who is worshipped to ensure new beginnings and avoid all hurdles in the path of success. In the year 2018, it is celebrated on September 13th. 

After Diwali, this festival is the one where the whole family celebrates together. We do pooja together as a family by offering different fruits to God Ganesha. We install a clay Ganesha, offer different naivedyams (food) and worship the God to avoid all hurdles in our life and grant all our wishes. 

Children who are going to school place their books before God and pray for the success in education. Here are my earlier posts about the Pooja: 

Vinayaka Chavithi Celebrations in Andhra style

Vinayaka Chavithi

This is a 11-day festival where the Ganesh idol is worshipped daily by offering naivedyam every day. Major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad celebrate it very well. You can see Ganesh idol installed in almost every lane/ road. On 11th day, the Ganesh idol is immersed in any lake or water body. 

How do you celebrate Ganesh Chathurdhi/ Vinayaka Chavithi? Do let me know in comments. 

Happy Vinayaka Chavithi. May God shower you with his blessings.

Until next time,

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12 September, 2018

Gratitude List for Aug 2018 #GratitudeCircle

August was more of a settling back time after India trip. The trip was exhausting and so, I completely spent the month with fewer action items and more rest. I have continued dance classes but reduced my workload. But, cleaning the house and preparing the kids and myself for the new school year took a lot of energy. Overall, a good transition month to the routine life.

I have found that appreciating whatever little we have and being thankful will help in our happiness. What do you say? With this thought, let me go through my gratitude list for the month of August.

1. Our Flight trip

It was very difficult traveling with 2 kids. I am grateful that my kids were well behaved in the airports when I had to run through the gates, transits, and trains. Even though my kids were tired, cranky and were not eating proper meals on the flights, we could get through the trip without missing a flight/ without any inconvenience. I am very grateful for this flight journey from India.

2. No Jetlag

It was surprising that I didn't have any jet lag after the trip. The reason might be that I was over excited to be back and get ready for the new school year for my kids. We did most of the school shopping ahead and so, the transition was easy. Since I didn't have much jet lag, I could unpack all things early.

3. Pooja, potluck, and parties

There was a lot of gathering happened in August and one potluck with friends. So, I met many people and talked to friends for a long time.  I have attended a few concerts too both music and dance which were relaxing. Within 2 weeks after coming from India, we celebrated 'Varalakshmi Vratham'. Here is my post about this festival on Raising world children's e-magazine. 

4. New students and new beginnings

A few new students joined the classes and of course, I became busy, But it was fun to teach new children. My younger son joined his preschool this year and I was surprised about how happy he went to the school. He sure is enjoying his time at school while I am enjoying 2 hrs of free time for myself. I am grateful that this transition is smooth without him crying and me becoming emotional.

5. Winning prize and grabbing a few sponsored posts

This is a good time for my blog. Do you know the Parenting, Pinterest and Productivity blogger Shaliaja V?  By pure chance of luck, I won a Pinterest free course from her in May and then, again I have won $25 Amazon gift card for her blog anniversary Giveaway. Feeling lucky :-)
I also got some opportunities to work for a few brands for sponsored posts. I am loving the blogging journey so far. 

This was about my August. What were you grateful for in August? 

Until next time,

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Sep 1st (Week 1) 
My Global Alexa Rank  : 3,642,454
India Rank : 310,640

Week 2 - Sep 11th
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11 September, 2018

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07 September, 2018

Can your Baby wipes pass the Flame Test ?

Baby wet wipes are a very important product in baby care as we use them in direct contact with baby's skin. So, of course, all moms are very cautious while choosing the right baby wipes which are gentle on the skin. But, Unfortunately, baby wipes are toxic and not easily degradable. Most of the wet wipes are made with plastic resins like polyester. Thus, they are not like normal paper tissue that can be flushed into the toilet.

PC: www.pixabay.com

Why are the toxic chemicals added to wet wipes?

The Baby wipes should smell good/ pleasing and they should stop spreading of bacteria, right? Chemicals are added to take care of these qualities. The major ingredient in the fabric of wet wipes is 'Polyester', which is used in the manufacturing of pipes and wires. 

Some baby wipes might have a high amount of Polyester in the fabric whereas, a few might have less. More or less, but the impact is not ignorable. When the fabric has a good amount of Polyester / plastic resins in it, it is harsh to the baby's delicate skin and might lead to allergies.

How do we know if the wet wipes have plastic in it? Here comes the "Flame test" into the picture.

I know, the concerned mothers would love to try this simple experiment on the baby wipes that they regularly use. 

Flame Test:

Ingredients we need:

  • A Candle
  • Matchbox
  • Wet wipe to try

Procedure to test:

1. Light the candle with a matchbox.

2. Dry the wet wipe slightly so that it can burn easily.
3. Hold one edge of the wipe near the flame.


1. If the smell of the fabric while burning is similar to the smell of burning plastic, it means the baby wipes have more percentage of 'Polyester' in it.

2. If the smell of fabric is like the burning of a tissue or paper, then the wipe might be made with natural fabric and it might not have 'polyester' in it.

3. Another factor to consider is the fabric after it's burnt. If we can see hard lump/ hard black residue after burning instead of ash, it means that the wipe contains 'polyester' in it.

4. If the fabric burns to ash powder, it is 100% natural fabric without polyester in it.

The Flame test is very simple, right? So, go ahead moms to check how safe the baby wipes are that you use to your infants.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Mother Sparsh baby wipes can be a good alternative. Mother Sparsh wipes are 98% water wipes which are made with natural plant fabric. I am sure they pass the Flame test successfully. They are as good as cotton and water. If you want to try them, Buy on Firstcry or Amazon

Mother Sparsh Baby wipes

Hop onto this link to learn more about Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes. 

So, do try the Flame test on your wipes and let me know what you found out. Better be safe now than never. What do you say, moms?

Until next time,

PS: I am really happy to work with this sponsor Mother Sparsh today, to share you all the details of Flame test for baby wipes.   
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