15 August, 2019

Sky watch #wordlesswednesday

The cotton candy sky

Can I catch the clouds?

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02 August, 2019

Outside my window #WordsMatter

Outside my window? Thanks to the beautiful nature, I get to see a lot outside my window. Every season changes the scenery but all amaze me equally.

By the way, I reside in a beautiful mountain town called "Colorado Springs " in USA. I get to see mountains every day from our window. How cool is that!

Being from a tropical country near equator, I haven't experienced snow in my life until I reached 28 years. So, I love watching mountains covered with snow. It gives me a feeling that the nature is so pure and Iam grateful to be able to experience it.

If you have assumed the above pic is a wallpaper,  you are mistaken.  Ofcourse, the photo is stylized by Google photos, but this is the real view.

Gorge on the views of snow peaked mountains!

When schools start for my kids, I won't get much time to cherish the beauty of nature but I dream of sipping coffee by the window-side , reading a good thriller any morning without worrying about preparing breakfast. It's not often that these kind of dreams come true,  sigh!

Our duckies also enjoy the window-side!

Weather is not always awesome here. A snow blizzard like this might blind our view sometimes.

This means no school on that day. Opportunity to sleep more 🙂

This also means, we have to clean our car for 15 mins scraping the snow and turning on heaters until hands come back to normal after freezing with cold.

You see! Nature can show it's both sides.

Now, it's summer! The view is completely different. I don't have a picture though to show you. The mountains turned green with trees now. A good sight!

What do you see outside your window? Anything interesting? Do share in comments.

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