26 July, 2014

Lucifer's Lungi by Nitin Sawant- [Book Review]

This copy of book is provided by Fablery publishers for review.

Book details:
Title: Lucifer's Lungi
Author: Nitin Sawant
Publisher: Fablery publications, Bangalore
Genre: Psychological thriller
No. of pages: 111

Protagonist is a manager/ supervisor in a software company in Madras bored with his work, tries to escape the monotony of his life by travelling to different places in Tamil Nadu. Without knowing the local language much, he adventures to travel to interior parts as well as famous places on his own. Story is about one such journey which shakes his ideology and makes him believe in the local legend of a village. 

Once, he travels to a completely unknown place just by choosing a passenger bus with unpronounceable destination name. It is a simple village with many temples and myths around it. He becomes host to chief priest's family of Palayar temple and makes friendship with Priest's son who knows English and a young lad of Tea shop. Story starts casually with his interest to visit all temples in the village without giving any attention to the stories behind them or mythological tales which conflict with his scientific mind. He is not an atheist, but believes that bad can happen only when we do something wrong and not because of anything else. There is no need to be afraid of anything. But, his new friend 'Sarvana' (Priest's son) has a complete different ideology on God and myths in the village. Sarvana believes in the legends of the village about Lord Palayar and Saitan 'Luganar' and tells him many instances of people disappearing from village leaving behind their Lungi who are attacked by 'Luganar'. Sarvana asks his tourist friend to perform puja to protect himself from Luganar's attack. Ofcourse, or hero rejects and wants to return to Madras on the same evening as he has to be in the office next day.

From here, the story takes a turn. Many things happen when the protagonist waits on the road alone to return to madras which make him believe all the legends told by Sarvana. All his beliefs and logical thinking wipe away from his mind by facing a horrific situation and at last he is saved somehow in a funny way. Thrilling story in the last few pages turns out to be a light humor at the end. 

What is good? 
Writing style is easy flowing and humorous to some extent. Overall plot of the story is good. It's good that story is short (only 111 pages). Starting might be boring, but it becomes page-turner in the middle and ends in a light note.

What is not good?
No specific negative thing to point out. Story becomes boring in the middle. Conversations between the protagonist and Sarvana are very lengthy. 

I would recommend this to: people who love a light read, thriller, short novel with humorous take

My rating : 4/5

Loved it completely without any doubt. Another positive is it's a fast read, i could complete in 2 hours :)

It's just Rs.120/- if you buy from flipkart.com. Here is the link.

Until next time,

This is not a paid review and it is my honest opinion.

23 July, 2014

Travel - Inspiration from Fragrance #InspireAFragrance

This post is written for contest #inspireAFragrance from Godrej and indiblogger.

Who doesn't love taking a break by going to a misty hill station? Iam thinking about what all the memories that we enjoy other than travel while visiting hill stations. This contest from Godrej made me think about fragrance. Of course, there are many memories attached to different smells that we experience during travel. Iam talking about good smells only here :p

Refreshing eucalyptus oil fragrance: I love the refreshing smell of Eucalyptus oil when i travel to hill stations or having a walk or trekking in forests. We all know, this oil has many medicinal benefits and one of them is to cure bronchitis and nasal congestion by breathing its vapor. It is also effective in reducing fever and treating fungal infections. But, i feel, just breathing it gives peace to the soul. Isn't it refreshing? 

Smell of mud in rain: Wow! i hope, many of you love this smell like me :) The smell from mud that comes just when it drizzles or just before it starts to rain is too good..

The smell of Flowers: Jasmine flowers are mostly wore by Asian women in hair. Their sweet smell spreads to hair and also cools the brain. Also, jasmine flowers are used in many perfumes and to prepare tea. Rose is the king of all flowers, what say? Their fragrance might be the reason why men choose it to propose their love :) Extensively used in spas also right? Usually, we will have flower shows or rose gardens in many hill stations like ooty, kodai and Shimla. Visit for sure next time..

There are many other smells that inspire me - mysore sandal agarbathi, sweet smell of hot chocolate, oils/ creams that they use in spa and massages etc.,

Thanks for Godrej for this cool contest #InspireAFragrance which made me re-live those memories with sweet fragrance :)

Until next time,

Image courtesy: From google images(labeled for commercial reuse).

22 July, 2014

Experience social banking - Kotak Jify

  • A bank account with no minimum balance!
  • Gain points whenever you like a post/ comment on Kotak Jifi facebook page, these points can be redeemed for online shopping !
  • World's first socially powered bank account !

pic courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/KotakJifi

So, these are the things that excited me when i read about Kotak Jifi bank account. Does this excite you as well? 
Then, i would reveal you few more features of this Kotak Jifi to make banking easy and fun :) Here is their home page which has a video to explain all the features quick.

A brief :

Zero minimum balance: You can create a non-interest account with zero minimum balance without any problem of tracking monthly balances. If your balance is more than 25k, you can earn interest on spare cash by automatically creating a term deposit.

Social Banking: Track account details and transaction history, order a cheque simply from your mobile twitter account. Don't worry much about security, all details are saved in secured location and bank will send direct messages only.

Are you a Facebook fan? Earn points by liking or commenting on Kotak Jifi fb page or by referring a friend! These points are also transferable to your friends in need, and are redeemable for online shopping.. Isn't that cool?

Signup Benefits: You will receive platinum subscription free for one year, can earn reward points for every online transaction above Rs.500 and 250 transaction points for each successful referral. 
Platinum subscription will enable you to use 'Kotak Money Watch' app, which will allow you to track your expenses at ease. 

Last, but not the least. Own a platinum chip based debit card on creating a new account. 

Want to know more about Kotak Jifi? Here is the link to their Facebook page. Hope you like this new social banking experience #JifilsHere :)

Until next time,

This post is written for indiblogger contest from Kotak Jify.

21 July, 2014

Living life with Zest

Zest is living life witch excitement, anticipation and energy as per Wikipedia. What a positive word it is? Life becomes routine by eating food, going to office, working till night, eating and sleeping. Everyone needs something to relax, rejuvenate and hope for.  Many spend time on spa, shopping, adventure, travel, books, movies whereas, few just need to rest and spend time with close ones on weekends.

There is a cool contest by TATA motors to blog about 5 things/ people/ objects/ memories / situations that add zest to our lives.. Here goes my list of 5 :-)

Travel : First and foremost thing is travel. Exploring the nature, trekking, bird watching, enjoying waterfalls, misty mountains, rainy forests, going on nature treks, forming castles on beaches, playing hide and seek with water on beaches, watching early sunrises and sunsets.. there are many more experiences that travel gives you. Just a pollution free, pure nature heals everything and gives you a positive energy. Don't you think so?

Family time: We all work hard to earn money only for the benefit of our family, to make our family members happy, to make our lives more comfortable. So, spending time with them gives more energy than any other thing. A lovely outing with family, a candle light dinner, a small party/ get together with close ones, watching a comedy movie with family and friends having popcorn and cracking jokes, playing carroms, cooking and eating together.... there are many in the list :)
pic courtesy: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/452471093784879059/

Work: Don't misunderstand me! iam not talking about office work. Any work that interests you.. i love software testing, i enjoy my office work too.. this field is interesting, as you wont use bookish knowledge to find issues and you feel more than satisfied when you try new ways to find critical defects. I also love writing. It gives me energy. It makes my heart light penning down my thoughts. It is one creative way to vent out frustration :p I believe that an idle brain is devil's workshop. Yes, it will be difficult to work all times, but no work also makes me depressed. Our brain is designed to think and we cannot keep it idle for long time. What say?

Creative side of you! Check the creative side of you. Many people think, they don't know any art/ they cannot learn any/ they don't know what will make them happy. Music and Dance are best stress busters and give you instant energy. There is a proverb, Dance like no one is watching. Try it. Preparing crafts with something useless, cooking a tasty meal, trying out a new snack item, preparing greeting cards, writing poetry, listening to music, taking up a new hobby like stamp collection, reading comics, books.. what not.. Every individual is unique and each one may have some specific interest.

jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Aroma therapy/ Spa: Few people are very concerned on the perfumes they select. Ofcourse, there is a reason. Some specific scent  might give you peace or some specific smell may irritate you. I love spas not only because of massage, but also because of the smell of creams they use. Try lighting the room with only scented candles one day, of course we have to choose the aroma that we love. Aroma therapy or spa soothes our body and relaxes it. You will be surprised of the positive vibes it creates around you.

What are the situations/ objects/ things that make your life exciting? Please do share in comments. Would love to know :)

Until next time,

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com
pic courtesy: All images except one (which is by mine) are under Flickr creative common license

16 July, 2014

Black is beautiful!

Many of us love black. 
Few people say, black makes anyone look more beautiful. 
Are you in that category?
A few also relate black with secret and mystery.  
Psychologists say, people who love black are introverts. 
Whatever explanation any one gives, this color is special for the most.
Even, i love black, but from childhood, we are suggested by elders not to buy a black dress on birthdays or festivals or any important occasions as they consider it as a bad omen. So, restricted my black favoritism only for things other than apparel till now.

Here is my wish list of black things for a contest from blogadda.com.

Black Wallet:
I own one, surely this looks cool. What do you say?
I like Calvin Clain and Hidesign wallets, they will have some interesting design to make them cool. Iam not used to change my wallet often, so will prefer something which is sustainable for long time even if it is expensive.

Black iphone:
Until recently when iphone 5C was announced, we used to have only black and white iphones. Mostly, people prefer black iphone for decent look. Do you like it?

Black dress:
A curvy black dress for partyware.. wouldn't be nice for a special occasion? (If you are curvey enough though :p). I agree, it doesn't suit for many. How about an embellished black gown or a beautiful black maxi? Surely, increases our style quotient. Isn't it?

Black kajal to the eyes:
Won't it make our eyes look beautiful? I love the impact kajal and mascara gives to women's eyes. Kajal makes look eyes sharp and large. 

Black shoes:
Last, but not the least. Black shoes which match most of the dresses and look special. I have simple black ballerina shoes for official ware. 

So, there goes my simple wishlist in black. 

Until next time,

Image courtesy:
Under creative common license Flickr photos:

This contest is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

08 July, 2014

Plan for a dream trip through skyscanner - Malaysia

As you all know, i love travelling to the core. Planning before travelling is very difficult task, that too if you are going for a trip with a toddler. Cheap and comfortable flight, hotel, local tour operator, selection of tourist places which are safe for kiddoo, getting to know about good food joints, which are healthy and not so expensive etc., there are many to the list.. It's kind of tedious task. 

What if there is someone who can help in planning? Atleast, help you to compare and book inexpensive flights and comfortable accommodation with no extra fees? That's when i found this site - skyscanner.com. As you know from my old post that i have already planned my dream trip to Malaysia here, this is the next step to make it realize!

Step 1:
Navigate to www.skyscanner.co.in. Search for the flights from India to Malaysia by selecting dates and airport.

Step 2:
Compare prices from different sites and choose.

Step 3:
Click on 'Hotels' tab, which will automatically show accommodation options with deals which suit our search criteria. Don't forget to check ratings before choosing one! There is a 'Map' option so that you can choose a hotel nearer to the maximum tourist places.

Step 4:
As you already have decided upon the places to visit(list of places in my wishlist), it's time to plan for a car hire. This will help you to compare car hire prices from different sites. Next tab 'Buses' will allow us to plan transport between different places in Malaysia.

Isn't it helpful? So, next time, be sure to remember this site while planning for an international trip :)

Until next time,

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda.com

06 July, 2014

Women standing up when needed - A mardaani

Have you seen the recent ad in television, where a girl shrieks at eve teaser in a bus stop? Its very simple and straight forward solution to the problem. She shrieks at him more than 2 times, until he feels humiliated and runs away from the spot. Didn't remember the brand though.. 

Women are not safe in India anymore. They have to learn taking care of themselves and solving their problems. There is no use in feeling shy or humiliated when someone touches private parts in a crowded bus/ street. There is no use in feeling depressed as victim when something wrong happens to them and whole society blames victim instead of abuser. It is time to stand up for ourselves, even at the cost of opposing our entire society's mindset. This below incident is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at BlogAdda.com for Indian Blogger.

Sushma was in her first year of 12th standard and so, she is very much excited to go to the college. Since it is first year and first day of the college, didn't have any friends yet, so travelling alone. College is around 40 mins from home. Slowly bus is becoming crowded and loud music is playing in the city bus. People are getting in and getting down and she didn't concentrate on people in the bus, until one person sitting behind touched at her back and looked away. He is repeating the same thing and she doesn't know what to do. Everyone are in their own world, listening to music or waiting for their stop to push the crowd to get down or engrossed in reading news papers. She turned back and shouted to him to behave properly, but he holded her hand and challenged her to do whatever she wants to. He seemed to be a senior in the college and since most of them are from the same college, they were staring silent afraid of him. Some women also suggested her to cool down and move to some other place. 

She doesn't like to move to some other place accepting the defeat when it's not her fault. She stood at her place and slapped him hard when everyone stopped and watched in shock. She shouted that he cannot behave like this and threatened him that she will complaint to college principal and also would call her uncle immediately who is a DSP(lied on this fact just to threaten him). Then, people in the bus started reacting, scolding him to get down. She knew it will have impact as he is from same college, but in her opinion, not reacting to something wrong is equal to encouraging the wrong. Yes, she is a mardaani.

Do you agree?

Until next time,

Image courtesy: post.jagran.com

04 July, 2014

Thief of my heart - Drabble week - Day 6

Days passed, years passed, they like each other's company 
there is still attraction  between them even after 6 years of their married life
He told her, 'you are thief of my heart', 
She teased him saying, 'heart can't be stolen, don't be silly', 
while smiling to herself and thanking God for her love and luck.

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 6 prompt 

'Thief of my heart' #Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

Until next time,

03 July, 2014

Claws - Drabble week - Day 5

We are afraid of many things which are insignificant.
This is from a mythological story that i grew listening from childhood
When Lord Vishnu tore apart his father's veins with claws in the form of Narasimha,
Child devotee 'Prahlada' praised the Lord and made him cool his anger without being afraid.
Faith removes all fears.

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 5 prompt 'Claws'
#Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

Until next time,

02 July, 2014

Her Face reddened - Drabble week - Day 4

They are best buddies from childhood
Studied together, played together, enjoyed the company of each other
She saw an ideal partner in him for the rest of her life, though not expressed to him yet
Today, she decided to make things clear between them 

Her face reddened with newly found shyness and strange awkward feeling.

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 4 prompt 'Her Face reddened..'
#Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

Until next time,

01 July, 2014

Pet Peeve - Drabble Week - Day 3

Such an ignorant I am, trying to find out the meaning of a new word 'Pet Peeve'
by asking friends and searching online
to find out that it is something which is not a big deal, but annoys you more.
One of my pet peeves is getting scared of using new words in my blog :)

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 3 prompt 'Pet Peeve'
#Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

Until next time,

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