16 July, 2014

Black is beautiful!

Many of us love black. 
Few people say, black makes anyone look more beautiful. 
Are you in that category?
A few also relate black with secret and mystery.  
Psychologists say, people who love black are introverts. 
Whatever explanation any one gives, this color is special for the most.
Even, i love black, but from childhood, we are suggested by elders not to buy a black dress on birthdays or festivals or any important occasions as they consider it as a bad omen. So, restricted my black favoritism only for things other than apparel till now.

Here is my wish list of black things for a contest from blogadda.com.

Black Wallet:
I own one, surely this looks cool. What do you say?
I like Calvin Clain and Hidesign wallets, they will have some interesting design to make them cool. Iam not used to change my wallet often, so will prefer something which is sustainable for long time even if it is expensive.

Black iphone:
Until recently when iphone 5C was announced, we used to have only black and white iphones. Mostly, people prefer black iphone for decent look. Do you like it?

Black dress:
A curvy black dress for partyware.. wouldn't be nice for a special occasion? (If you are curvey enough though :p). I agree, it doesn't suit for many. How about an embellished black gown or a beautiful black maxi? Surely, increases our style quotient. Isn't it?

Black kajal to the eyes:
Won't it make our eyes look beautiful? I love the impact kajal and mascara gives to women's eyes. Kajal makes look eyes sharp and large. 

Black shoes:
Last, but not the least. Black shoes which match most of the dresses and look special. I have simple black ballerina shoes for official ware. 

So, there goes my simple wishlist in black. 

Until next time,

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This contest is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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