02 July, 2014

Pet Peeve - Drabble Week - Day 3

Such an ignorant I am, trying to find out the meaning of a new word 'Pet Peeve'
by asking friends and searching online
to find out that it is something which is not a big deal, but annoys you more.
One of my pet peeves is getting scared of using new words in my blog :)

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 3 prompt 'Pet Peeve'
#Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Good one. Used the prompt really well :) ~ Simran

Mahathi Ramya said...

Thanks Simran, but i consider it a very lame attempt :)

Unknown said...

Oh dont you worry. I got over it and started to appreciate the words we no longer use in english language. Blogs do that to you. They make us forget the fears :)
All the best.

Mahathi Ramya said...

I hope so Pallavi.. wish to improve my vocabulary with blog

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