30 December, 2013

Bring in the New year with Joy!

My advanced wishes to a happy new year to all :)

'Hope' is something which keeps our spirits high and motivate us to do something new or try new in future. I hope you all have that high 'HOPE' to do better for the next year :)

Bring in the new year 2014 with Joy and celebration. I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.


Until next time,

16 December, 2013

Holiday season - Play Secret Santa :p

Yay! Holiday season starts with Christmas.. As i studied in a christian missionary school, Iam used to holidays, Christmas tree, Christmas carols etc.,We also used to perform dance songs on Jesus Christ's birth story and Christmas carols.. Holidays start from here and another set of holidays await for Pongal.. So, Isn't it a lovely season for kids? Our head mistress used to keep someone as Santa Clause and distribute gifts and chocolates to us before Christmas. We used to wait for that day :)

All this fun was gone after schooling and again the fun came in the form of gifts after i joined my first job. We used to play Secret Santa.. Everyone gets one colleague as their chris-child, to whom we have to gift until Christmas without revealing our identity. We also used to call it as 'Chrisma- Chris child' game.

When it comes to gifting for kids, choice is not that tough for parents. what do you say? Have you ever played Secret Santa in your family? Of course, many a times, we would have surprised our children with interesting toys, books, shoes, clothes, school bags, chocolates etc., right? This contest from HDFC Life made me think of good gifting options for kids.

Here are 5 gift ideas for children:

1. Toys are children's friends.. i hope everyone agrees to it. I try to pick some interesting toys as per my kid's interest which also improve his gross motor skills and logical reasoning. Some examples are  clay modelling kit, puzzles, train sets with track setting etc.,

2. For a child at an age of above 10, good books / pens might be useful. For children below 5 years, i would opt for big colorful story books to read at bedtime, painting/ sticker books/ fun art and craft books with which they can make less mess and also learn making crafts :)

3. Children love outings.. Isn't it? I would love to surprise my child by taking him to a zoo/ a park/ a game zone/ a beach.. we both love nature and more physical exercise by running and playing in parks :)

4. Now, moving to something which can help him long term.. Every parent wishes that their children study well and settle down without financial problems. Education has become very expensive these days and we cannot assume what will happen to kids when parents are no more to support. So, an investment option or a policy to support child's education is a mandatory gift i would like to present to my kid. HDFC , LIC and many other companies have specific policies to cater to child's education, wedding expenses etc., This HDFC link explains more about child plans.

5.Last, but not the least.. Love, Care and Moral values are something parents always gift their children by default and these are important for child to grow up as a good human being in the society, Agree?

let me know your opinion on these gifting options and also share more..

This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda.

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Image courtesy: picmonkey.com

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