28 October, 2009

Warangal trip II

         Fortunately, i got chance to visit Warangal again to meet my friend's family. So writing a second post in my blog about warangal. we visited such nice places that i cannot resist sharing this information. This time, i explored well about warangal before going, collected information on tourist places from google. This time, we are going by our car, so we have freedom to visit places at our own pace :)

        After collecting information in net, i wondered that Warangal is better place than hyderabad for tourists to enjoy. We have so many places like Ramappa temple, Ramappa lake, thousand pillars temple, Bhadra kaali temple, Warangal fort, Pakhala lake (50 kms from warangal), Laknavaram lake(70 kms from warangal), Eturu nagaram wild life sanctury etc.,

         Ramappa temple and lake near 'palampet' village is very good even though the road is worst. Thousand pillar temple is not that good now as government removed those pillars in the name of renovating the temple. Anyway, the temple is still good. Bhadrakali temple and warangal fort are worth watching. Pakhala lake is around 50kms from warangal, road is good. The place is so peaceful and good, but i think its still not a place much explored by tourists. No facilities are available (Food, lodge etc.,). No boating facility, which disappointed me :( Lake is near the Jungle which is dense. It will be very good if AP tourism can improve the place and provide facilities.
Warangal visit is a very good experience. Anyone, who wants to have short weekend trip can visit warangal. Two days will be enough to cover places in and around warangal.

Until next time..

25 August, 2009

A Tour to Tanjore

          Tamilnadu has its major share of most famous beautiful temples in India with great architecture. Recently iam fortunate to travel to Tanjore to attend my friend's marriage. I will never miss an opportunity to roam, as i love travelling, exploring and visiting different places.

         Only difficulty is travel time! From Hyderabad to Tanjore through Chennai, it takes 20 hours by train.. Gosh!! Anyway, we stopped in Chennai on the way, so it's not a continuous travel.

         We reached Tanjore or Tanjavur by 6 AM. The railway station construction also is peculiar, like a temple dome. After getting ready, we had sumptuous tamilnadu style breakfast (Idli, vada, pongal, sweet, sambar, chutneys) and started to Big temple (Brihadeswara temple) by cab.

        The important thing that you notice in temple is its surrounding wall which resembles a wall for fort/ palace. Architecture and the clarity of carvings are so good that it doesn't look like its built in 10th century. The temple dome rests on a single granite rock. The gigantic lingam and nandi are major attractions. It was built by Raja raja chola. Later, we went to The palace, Darbar mahal, Sarja madi, Bell tower, Grand Canon and handicrafts exhibition. These places are not maintained well by government even though they are charging pretty high price for entrance tickets. Tanjavur is famous for good paintings and we can see art everywhere in the Palace which is turned to museum now. Weather is not that comfortable as temperature is as high as that in Chennai.

           There are few more places around Tanjavur of tourist attraction like Thiruvarur (Place where Thyagaraja swamy was born), Thiruvayur on the banks of Kaveri river (Where Thyagaraja aradhana festivals will take place every year) and Trichy or Tiruchirappally (which is also a famous tourist destination). If you are interested in Oldest temples, architectures, paintings etc, this might be one of the best places to visit.

Until next time..

08 July, 2009

Emotions - depend on gender?

Emotions.. Emotions .. :) :(
What are these emotions?.. Sometimes, i feel it is very difficult to handle them.
              For me, emotion is expression of some feeling, may be sad, love, happiness etc., But, what is the difference between a man's emotion and a woman's?

           Yes! there is a difference. Men tend to keep their emotions mostly in their heart, they wont let them out until last minute. They wont cry if they are hurt, instead they just get drunk and let the grudge out :)
Women tend to have more patience in handling things, but they become sensitive when it comes to relations. They usually cry and let the sorrow go out. They wont keep sorrow in their heart.

The above behaviors are general, but not applicable to all.
You know?? this is also one of the reasons why men have greater risk of heart attack than women!!!
           So friends.. Just show the emotions without keeping in heart. Angriness is also an emotion, but don't show it on your loved ones often :)
Until next time..
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