28 October, 2009

Warangal trip II

         Fortunately, i got chance to visit Warangal again to meet my friend's family. So writing a second post in my blog about warangal. we visited such nice places that i cannot resist sharing this information. This time, i explored well about warangal before going, collected information on tourist places from google. This time, we are going by our car, so we have freedom to visit places at our own pace :)

        After collecting information in net, i wondered that Warangal is better place than hyderabad for tourists to enjoy. We have so many places like Ramappa temple, Ramappa lake, thousand pillars temple, Bhadra kaali temple, Warangal fort, Pakhala lake (50 kms from warangal), Laknavaram lake(70 kms from warangal), Eturu nagaram wild life sanctury etc.,

         Ramappa temple and lake near 'palampet' village is very good even though the road is worst. Thousand pillar temple is not that good now as government removed those pillars in the name of renovating the temple. Anyway, the temple is still good. Bhadrakali temple and warangal fort are worth watching. Pakhala lake is around 50kms from warangal, road is good. The place is so peaceful and good, but i think its still not a place much explored by tourists. No facilities are available (Food, lodge etc.,). No boating facility, which disappointed me :( Lake is near the Jungle which is dense. It will be very good if AP tourism can improve the place and provide facilities.
Warangal visit is a very good experience. Anyone, who wants to have short weekend trip can visit warangal. Two days will be enough to cover places in and around warangal.

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