30 June, 2014

His Last Wish - Drabble Week - Day 2

Born with intelligence, he could convert every penny to Gold with his hard work.
Achieved every success in his life, experienced all luxuries, 
and helped his children to settle abroad leading happy lives.

His last wish was only to see his family at least once
before he closes his eyes in an old age home.

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 2 prompt 'His Last Wish'
#Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

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29 June, 2014

The Broken Promise - Drabble Week - Day 1

She bore in silence.
She always had a hope to make things right.
She tried her best to bring her abusive relationship back to the track.
Atlast, she realized, for the sake of her children and to sustain her individuality,

she has to break her marriage promise to live with him until her death.

# Marathon Bloggers, #Drabble week #Day 1 prompt - The Broken Promise

24 June, 2014

Zoutons.com - cool site for coupons and discounts - Website Review

We really love discounts right?
We get tempted to buy a few things even though we don't require, if there is some benefit attached to them. Like - Buy one get one offers, discounts on selected items etc., When i was in US, i observed that my friends always search for coupons online before going to any store or ordering something online. They get discount by submitting those coupon ids. Thought, it would have been good if we have one site in India too to search for coupons before buying. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this site Zoutons.com. Here goes the review of the website:

Navigation: Simple
Look and feel wise : overall nice, though some colors are glaring to the eye
Usage: Easy to use

Process to get a coupon is simple. 
1. Search for a brand for which you need coupon

 2. Get coupon codes from search results. Each search result will show success rate and user rating through votes so that we can choose only most successful result.

3. Click on 'Click here to see the code', it will redirect to vendor site by copying the coupon code. Paste the coupon code on vendor site to get the benefit.
There is also an option to submit coupons.

What i liked in the site?
- Quick and easy access
- Top brands are listed by default, reducing time to search coupons for them
- No need to create user account to get coupon
- Feedback submission / user rating option is easy to use so that many users will rate coupons
- Redirecting to vendor site on clicking coupon code saves time
- coupon search based on category, brand, bank, stores etc.,

Overall, i would rate it 4/5.

One quick link to latest coupons of Myntra.com here, if you also love to explore this site.

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20 June, 2014

Cab services in Hyderabad

(Updated on Aug 4th to add genie cabs)

There are hell number of cab services available in Hyderabad, but i was surprised when i couldn't get any cab at 3PM on one working day, when i tried just before one hour. All cabs might be busy serving clients in this sunny weather or i might not have tried proper service which can provide cab in less time. However, thought of sharing my experience on different cabs available in Hyderabad and the ones that i tried recently. Probably this feedback might be helpful to someone while choosing a cab next time!

Genie Cabs: One of the new cab services from Meru removing all minus points of meru. This has become my most preferred budget cab these days :) Excellent service and cost effective. It's better to book online, as process for booking is quick and wont take more than one minute. Their call center is busy most of the times, this is also one of the reasons i prefer to book online always.
Contact no. 040 33993399
Min charge. Rs.200/- for 10kms

Cel Cabs : This is the second most preferred cab for me. Drivers are polite, don't drive rash, are punctual and most reliable. It is also cost effective service with quality.
Contact no. 040 23242526
Min charge . Rs.225/- for 10kms

Dot Cabs: This is the next reliable cab for me. Only problem with this is that they have 1 hour package for Rs.250/- (for 15kms), but we are not supposed to stop in the middle/ or pick someone on the way. Else, the package fare will change to Rs.300/- Since i have to pick my kid most of the times, i can't chose this option often. It's good for point -to - point drop within city.
Contact no. 040 24242424
Min charge. Rs.250/- for 15kms

Easy cabs: My third choice. Usually, punctual but not at all reliable. Might not be very expensive. Sometimes, after confirmation and sending cab details, they will cancel in last minute(just 10 mins before pickup time citing the reason of non-availability of cab).
Contact no. 040 43434343

Meru cabs: It has all attractive options like GPRS tracking, security, mobile app, online booking facility etc., except reliability. They collect service charge for booking on phone. No service charge for online booking. There is high possibility of cancelling the cab due to non-availability in the last minute even after getting confirmation from them. 
Contact no. 040 44224422

Green cabs: One of the most economical cab service earlier, but not reliable one. Cab might not reach at right time, there is no guarantee that AC works in the cab. 

Orange cabs: Once, when i called for a cab to their call center, IVR told me to wait for 15 mins to talk to customer care executive as all are busy. Iam not sure why this service is that popular to have that high waiting time, but it can never be in my preferred list, due to waiting.

There are many new cabs like sky cabs, uber cabs etc., never tried them. Sky cabs seemed to be expensive than others. Airport dropping or pickup is completely a different category, as each cab has different packages for these. Most of the cabs charge Rs.150/- as cancellation charge in case, we are not able to cancel the cab before 1 hour of pickup.

I hope, this information will be useful to someone who often travel by cab.

Until next time,

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