22 May, 2014

New Government, New hopes

Elections are over, suspense is down. We all are waiting for our new leaders to form new government. Especially in Andhra, 2 new governments are to be made. 

Although i don't feel very happy about KCR to be our CM to Telangana, lets see what he can bring new. In Seemandhra, we are awaiting a new wave of development - formation of new capital, developing infrastructure from the scratch and stabilization. How fast this can be achieved might be mostly dependent on CBN's and TDP's efficiency. But, definitely,  i hope, leaders may not do the same mistake again by developing only one city out of complete state. 

In India, situation is different. People are frustrated with congress's politics and chose Narendra Modi. #Namo is everywhere in the news, internet and news papers and Indian voters have chosen our to be PM  wisely. This photo is being circulated in fb recently and iam not sure how much of this is achievable in Modi's tenure. Already, Value of Indian rupee is increasing which is a positive sign. Media is abuzz with each and every word of Modi and it will be following him as it did for Aravind Kejrival in Delhi when he became CM. I hope, Modi wont disappoint voters like Aravind did. 

So, lets all see how Modi will MODIfy India.

Hoping for the best for people of India!

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