18 December, 2006

Dhoom machale...

It has been a long time that i blogged something.. Actually i was thinking of the topic which i can share..
Festival season has come.. Christmas, New Year and Pongal are near by.. Hope all of you are busy with shopping !!! Dhoom machale Dhoom machale Dhoooooooooom :-)
Friends... Do you know the game of Christma and Chrischild?
now we are playing the same game in office. It is interesting and enjoyable game. It emphasizes the enjoyment of Give and Take policy.
The game starts with each person selecting a chit which will have the name of a colleague , who will be chris child hereafter for him/her. The person who selects chit is Christ-mom. Christmas is a season of gifts no.. So Christ-ma will give gifts to the child without revealing his/her identity. But the game is not only giving and taking gifts, but also the Christ- child obeying the commands of Christma, which may be like reading weather report in work stations, coming in traditional dress and inviting employees, imitating some actor, singing or dancing.. and so on.. many funny things... This will make the atmosphere friendly and lively..
Atlast, game will end with a party where identity of christ-ma will be revealed to Chris child on 'Christmas' day.

I wish you all have enjoyment and happiness in this festive season and also throughout your life.
Have a nice time :-)
Until next time..

30 October, 2006

A day at Orphanage

Hi Friends
I hope u all celebrated Deewali with lots of crackers and sweets.. This time i have comeup to share a sweet memory with you..

Our office team had the oppurtunity to visit an Orphange in Porur in Chennai on one weekend before Deewali. There were 20 children who are studying and one lady was taking care of them. They behaved very well with us and mingled with us easily. Very small children who were studying kindergarden were also there. We conducted some games to them like cricket, games with balloons and some word games. We bought some toys, snacks and dresses for Deewali.

They were very happy to see their new dresses. Some children were interested in dance. So i taught them some steps and they learnt very well. We had lunch with them and spent till evening. We were bonded with them so much in a few hours that i got tears when they asked me to stay with them. Then only i understood, children want someone to play with, talk to and enjoy. If you remeber well, we would also have felt like that when we were of small age.Many people will provide funds to good organisations. It is very good. But if we can spend some time , share their interests and make them happy for sometime, it will be great!!!

Isn't it? what do you think?

Until next time..

04 October, 2006

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - [Book review]

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Most of us who studied Andhra pradesh state syllabus for 8th standard might have read the non-detail 'The Hound of Baskervelli's'. Did you like it?

Actually, after reading that book, I became a fan of 'Sir Arthur Connan Doyle'. I started collecting all his novels and short stories from then, but couldn't get enough time to read them. After EAMCET (entrance exam for Engineering), we got nearly 3 months time between results announcement and counseling to choose the college. Then I read 4 novels and nearly 50 short stories. All were very interesting and also thought provoking.

Unlike other detective stories, Sherlock Holmes' stories are special in one way. In these stories, Sherlock Holmes character will explain his deductions so well that we feel, solving a problem is not that much difficult if we approach it in a right way. These stories also concentrate on human psychology and basic observation skills.

Short stories : Amazon

Some of the best short stories are:
In Novels, my best picks are : A study in Scarlet and The hound of Baskerville's.


Enjoy Reading!!!
have a great time :-)

Comments are welcome

Until next time..

29 September, 2006

About a nice book that i read - Davinci code - [Book review]

Reading books is a nice timepass for me. Recently i read 'Davinci Code' written by 'DanBrown'. People who like suspense and thriller stories will love this. Sure!!!

In this book, author gives references to some gospels of Bible which were not revealed to the world till now. This book says jesus Christ had a married life and have a child and some gospels in Bible were intentionally removed to suppress this truth. So story revolves around Robert Langdon(a professor and symbologist) and his search for the 'Holy Grail' which supposed to contain the documents that prove Jesus's married life with Mary Magadelene. In this search he tries to solve and decipher many codes with Sofie which will be very interesting to read...

So friends.. If any of you are interested in deciphering of codes, thrilling stories , this is the right pick. I feel it is one of the best books i have read. Thats the reason why iam sharing my experience in this blog. Comments are welcome. :-)

You can purchase the book here:

Until next time..

26 September, 2006

First Blog


This is Ramya. This is my first blog..So thinking what to write???...
First i will tell u why i have chosen this name for my blog.
The name 'Fantastic Feathers' reminds me of feathers of a peacock.
it reminds me of its confidence, Enjoyment when it dances etc., As iam a Classical dancer basically, my intuition made me to select this name. It is a treat for eyes to see a peacock to dance with its beautiful long blue feathers.. Isn't it? :-)

Until next time..
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