30 June, 2015

Motherhood taught me..

I love this wonderful quote by Dr.Seuss.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory - Dr.Seuss

Mostly, we wont realize the importance of beautiful moments in our life. Life is temporary and un-predictable. We get many ups and downs and we need some inspiration to be positive always. These moments and memories keep us going when we are low.

My thought process changed when I gave birth to my second kid. This time, I wanted to cherish each and every moment of motherhood. I enjoyed every small achievement of him and felt proud on his first crawl, smile and walk. I didn't want to miss those moments. It was so cute seeing him crawling and this phase of his life will be at-most few more months. Later, it becomes a memory. I can see these only on recorded videos. There were sleepless nights, waking up at least 3 times to feed him, which was not easy when I had to go to office without enough sleep. But, I felt, this phase is very small and these moments will never come again even if I want to. This brought more positivity in my life. 

Motherhood taught me patience and positive spirit, because kids are unpredictable, one day they laugh and play a lot, be cute and make life worth living. Some days, they get sick, stick to you whole day, cry without any reason, need your reassurance and attention whole day and irritate and drain you by the end of the day. Now, I am more matured to deal with stress. Earlier, multi tasking was never my forte. I was not able to cook properly if I talk on phone simultaneously. I used to give attention to every work I do and used to avoid multi tasking. If I do multi tasking, definitely I would spoil the work. Now, it doesn't seem difficult, to attend call, cook in the middle while taking care of baby simultaneously :-)

Life teaches many lessons, Good or bad - everything is an opportunity to learn something. So, cherish every small moment and capture them so that you can enjoy those memories later. 

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Also, this is in response to the invitation from Deeshani for 3 day quote challenge. Thanks Deeshani for inviting me to this challenge. Enjoying this challenge and would post 3 quotes on consecutive days :-)

The rules for the 3 Day Quote Challenge are simple.

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24 June, 2015

5 tips for better work life fit

Work life fit is a myth for many, because it never works for them.

Few people excel at work and also spend meaningful time at home with family. They don't take office stress to home and don't take personal problems to office. I wonder, are they saints? :-)

Really, don't you think, this boundary creation between work and home is a greatest thing to achieve? I feel, every employee aims to achieve this, but fail miserably.

When we grow in our career, climb the corporate ladder, creation of this boundary becomes very tough. That too, in this modern world where our technology keeps us connected to office 24 hours a day. We have work from home options and also laptops and PDAs to access office emails from home which will help in working at odd hours and support the organization. At one point of time, the leadership expects us to not only check mails at night 12, but also be responsible to reply and work if needed. This changes the work culture and depresses/ demotivate employees.

Came across this article in https://www.rewardme.in/family site, which is very informative on work life balance. Do read it and let me know if it helps.

Now, my tips on managing better work life fit (some of the highlights from above link).

1. Manage time well : This is the toughest of all. But, if i say it in a easy way, more productive work is equal to better time management. We have many distractions in office - access to social media sites, gossip about colleagues,being late to office etc., All these reduce our productive work, thus demanding us to stretch at office to complete work. One or two coffee breaks and half an hour lunch break doesn't do any harm, they will allow us to refresh and work better. But, disconnecting from social media sites enables us to concentrate and complete work quick. If we can plan to complete our work only at office, it reduces stress. Maintaining office timings strictly is important.

2. Set priorities: Priorities change. Sometimes, office work becomes important if there is an important release and personal problems dominate when someone at home is sick and need our attention. Be flexible. There is nothing wrong in taking a day off or working from home when needed. In the same way, there is nothing wrong in working one weekend when it's essential for project. Both are important, right? There shouldn't be any guilty feeling for choosing one over the other, because it's our personal choice.

3. Set 'Me' time: Office, home, family everything is fine. But, do we concentrate on ourselves any time? What do you like to do? Reading, swimming, playing cricket, travelling.. there are many interests for each individual. If we forget our interests in this rat race of earning money and running family, our individuality itself will change. Every individual is unique because of his talents or hobbies. We shouldn't lose this unique identity of ourselves. It is not that easy, but find a way to do something which you like at least once a week or daily one hour.

4. Plan ahead: Be it a vacation or attending a family function or taking kids to park or watching a movie with spouse or shopping or any thing.. Plan ahead. We will know the list of firm holidays every year in January itself right? Is it very difficult to mark long weekends where you can take a leave on Monday or Friday or someday near holidays and plan for a vacation? Even at office, if we know important milestone release dates, note them to plan leaves on some other days. Many loose their leaves and don't use them. Few will be carry forwarded and few will be en cashed and others will be lost. Even though we should keep some leaves for sickness or emergency cases, using all leaves is a good practice.

5. Disconnect : When you are at home, disconnect laptop. It is as simple as it is. Instead of giving children a tab to play games, take them to a park/ make them do cycling, take them to swimming, tag along with them and spend time. Read bed time stories and make them do some creative activities. This way, we spend more time with family and be disconnected to office mails. Else, it becomes a habit to open laptop unnecessarily and thus involve in work from home in out of office hours.

There is no perfect work life balance. There are only priorities, which will change. So, something that works for one person might not fit for others. It is our individual choice and convenience. What say?

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22 June, 2015

Down the memory lane - Happy Father's day

June 21st is celebrated as Father's day, world-wide. But, I don't believe in celebrating Mother's day or Father's day. Do we need one specific day to remember our parents, appreciate them and respect them? Not needed right? Respecting parents and treating them next to GOD is taught to us from childhood. I feel, it's fortunate if we can help and support our parents after we get wings and get independent. It is because of them that we are in this position with good wealth, success and happiness. Since I don't believe in Father's day, I never celebrated it and never gifted anything to my dad on that day. I only celebrate his birthday. But, I feel, the best gift one can give to their parents is a 'Warm Hug' as everything else is material in this world.

After watching this ad, my heart filled with many old memories with my dad. I proudly say I am a Papa's girl :-) Relatives used to say that. I inherited many good habits from him - straight forwardness, dedication to work, interest in book reading etc., I also inherited some fears from my dad like lack of confidence while driving on road or talking in public, but he made me overcome those weakness by supporting and encouraging me to be an outgoing person. Yes, now I have overcome the challenge of public speaking and came out of the shell.

I remember the days when I used to hold his index finger and follow him everywhere to buy groceries, to watch movies etc. I used to be scared for every small thing and needed his reassurance - a dog on the road or a cow in the middle of the road :p, I used to stop,go back asking him to come with me when I go to dance class. Seems so funny if I think now :-) 
I used to be stubborn and cry for every small thing, I wonder, how he has put up with me. He never scolded or beaten us(me and my sis). Silent treatment is the only punishment we used to get. Sometimes, he used to put my sister and me in dark room for sometime as a punishment. He is never strict on us, so we were never afraid of our father. If there is anything that we know he won't agree, we used to discuss and sort out. 

When I grew up and entered college, he shared me his financial details, expenses at home etc., so that I can understand our financial status. I used to prepare budget, discuss on financial management with him. He was always open to new ideas and suggestions and without any ego, he used to take my thoughts. This I feel, is a very important aspect in parenting, which is rare to find in others. My job, salary, career, my marriage - we talked about all these things in detail. I am fortunate that my dad has created a friendly atmosphere for me and my sister to reach to him openly. He gave us freedom, responsibilities and trusted us that we will do better. Trust is the basic building block in a relationship, right?

On this Father's day(though, one day late in publishing this post), I pray to God to give my Father - good health, peace and happiness. I feel privileged, if I can be any service to him and make him happy.

Until next time,

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18 June, 2015

Smelly to Smiley - How to fight bad odours at home

Fragrance or nice smell lightens up our mood. As per psychologists, a nice fragrance can bring positive thoughts in us. In the same way, bad odours irritate us and sometimes, doesn't allow to concentrate on work. I am not a person who love perfumes a lot, but I know many friends who give select very nice perfumes which are mild and pleasant. Obviously, good fragrance sometimes aids us in getting better concentration and positive thinking.

I love the smell of home after puja. Incense of agarbathi, camphor, flowers, tulasi leaves, betel leaves, turmeric etc., give positive vibrations to everyone inside home. Many of us like the smell before it rains. Of course, it's the smell of wet mud, but feels pleasant right?

Now, coming to bad odours. Smelly socks top the list. Sometimes, in movie theatres, if someone sits near us with smelly socks, it becomes unbearable. If refrigerator is not cleaned periodically, it stinks and we cannot get away with it without cleaning, as we use refrigerator daily. We all know, the worst of it's kind are smells in a bathroom if not properly maintained. 

Here are some simple ways I follow to fight bad odours at home:

Smelly socks : 
Washing regularly is of course the best way to fight the bad odour, but let me tell you one quick tip. Keep used tea bags inside smelly socks and they absorb the bad smell immediately. :-)

Refrigerator : 
We use refrigerator very often and it is very difficult to fight bad odours unless we clean it very often. Wipe fridge often with white vinegar to avoid lingering bad odour.

Bathroom smells: 
We use air fresheners like Odonil, but they cannot fight odour always. One day, I tried a tip given by my Facebook friend, worked well. I boiled water with cut lemon pieces, 2 cloves and 2 cardamom in it. When I kept this solution in bathroom, it worked like a good fragrance. Try this! Another way is to pour 21/2 cups vinegar inside bathroom for 30 mins and clean it with water. Removes all odours very quick :-)

I am allergic to strong fragrances, so usually avoid using air fresheners. Scented candles are very good and mild. I also try lighting dhupstick or sambrani for good fragrance. Try AmbiPur Air. It just doesn't cover-up bad odours, but removes them. There are different variants available like blossoms and breeze, Zealand springs, Lavender, Vanilla, Citrus and Zest and lot more.

So, do let me know from comments, if these tips work for you and also feel free to suggest new 
tips :-)

Until next time,

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Image courtesy: From creative common license Flickr images - http://bit.ly/1Lkiu4l

13 June, 2015

The Max Fresh Move!

A peppy music beat with a lovely voice and perfect steps following the rhythm! Yes, this is a lovely combination any time. Isn't it? Melodious music surely lifts our soul and relaxes us, but a peppy music and fast beat rises our spirit. This will surely energise our life.

Being a dancer, I know how a combination of good music and rhythmic dance energises us. That too.. when monsoon season is around.. Dancing in rain is soo much fun!

Whenever I dance, I forget everything in the world and it altogether takes me to a new level. Dance is not easy, it takes a lot of our effort and energy, but while dancing I never feel the pain even when I am weak. Only after the practice session is over, I realize how many calories are burnt :-)

When I watch this Colgate Max fresh ad on television I remember monsoons, rain and dance. 

Allu Arjun who acted in this ad is a Telugu hero. I am not a fan of his action, but I appreciate the energy he puts in his dance. It shows up that he works hard in practising his steps. There was one peepy song in a movie 'Arya 2' given by Devi Sree prasad 'My Love is gone'. Allu Arjun's dance moves are just perfect for the beat. 

Anushka Manchanda is a singer, model and ex VJ of Channel V. She had sung many jingles including Katrina kaif's ad on Titan Raga. I don't know much about her until I heard her latest song from Ungli - Dance Basanthi, which is quite peppy and good. Also, Na jaane song in I, me aur him is of same kind.

So, what if there is a concert in their combination - Allu Arjun and Anushka? There is a contest (#MaxFreshMove contest) to write on how this combination will energise our life. First of all, it's rare, as one is a Tollywood actor and other one is a Bollywood singer. Both can rock the show with their perfect moves and peppy voice. It's been a long time I attended some concert and definitely would love to see them together for a concert. Cool!

Variety is spice of life. Everyone has a different way to bring spice in their life and a combination of good music and dance is one of the available options. A mesmerising spa/ wonderful book/ hot cup of coffee in monsoons/ A movie with family/ an outing/ a perfect vacation, There are many ways to energise of our life and break our routine, right? What say?

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Until next time,

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