18 June, 2015

Smelly to Smiley - How to fight bad odours at home

Fragrance or nice smell lightens up our mood. As per psychologists, a nice fragrance can bring positive thoughts in us. In the same way, bad odours irritate us and sometimes, doesn't allow to concentrate on work. I am not a person who love perfumes a lot, but I know many friends who give select very nice perfumes which are mild and pleasant. Obviously, good fragrance sometimes aids us in getting better concentration and positive thinking.

I love the smell of home after puja. Incense of agarbathi, camphor, flowers, tulasi leaves, betel leaves, turmeric etc., give positive vibrations to everyone inside home. Many of us like the smell before it rains. Of course, it's the smell of wet mud, but feels pleasant right?

Now, coming to bad odours. Smelly socks top the list. Sometimes, in movie theatres, if someone sits near us with smelly socks, it becomes unbearable. If refrigerator is not cleaned periodically, it stinks and we cannot get away with it without cleaning, as we use refrigerator daily. We all know, the worst of it's kind are smells in a bathroom if not properly maintained. 

Here are some simple ways I follow to fight bad odours at home:

Smelly socks : 
Washing regularly is of course the best way to fight the bad odour, but let me tell you one quick tip. Keep used tea bags inside smelly socks and they absorb the bad smell immediately. :-)

Refrigerator : 
We use refrigerator very often and it is very difficult to fight bad odours unless we clean it very often. Wipe fridge often with white vinegar to avoid lingering bad odour.

Bathroom smells: 
We use air fresheners like Odonil, but they cannot fight odour always. One day, I tried a tip given by my Facebook friend, worked well. I boiled water with cut lemon pieces, 2 cloves and 2 cardamom in it. When I kept this solution in bathroom, it worked like a good fragrance. Try this! Another way is to pour 21/2 cups vinegar inside bathroom for 30 mins and clean it with water. Removes all odours very quick :-)

I am allergic to strong fragrances, so usually avoid using air fresheners. Scented candles are very good and mild. I also try lighting dhupstick or sambrani for good fragrance. Try AmbiPur Air. It just doesn't cover-up bad odours, but removes them. There are different variants available like blossoms and breeze, Zealand springs, Lavender, Vanilla, Citrus and Zest and lot more.

So, do let me know from comments, if these tips work for you and also feel free to suggest new 
tips :-)

Until next time,

#SmellyHomes #SmellytoSmiley 

Image courtesy: From creative common license Flickr images - http://bit.ly/1Lkiu4l

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