13 November, 2019

A Road that goes far #wordlesswednesday

This road goes to Monument valley park in Utah.

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09 November, 2019

The Ultimate Colorado Holiday Gift guide

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season is here. It's time to choose best gifts to our loved ones, right? Isn't it a great experience to choose a local Colorado gift? 

Here is the Ultimate Colorado Gift guide featuring some hand-picked unique local Colorado gifts. 

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Cooking classes :

Do you have a friend or family member who loves cooking or baking? Then, it makes sense to gift them a cooking class. To add spice, think of gifting a couple cooking class. 

When I think of cooking classes, Monika Celly of Polka dots and Curry is the name that comes to my mind. Monika offers cooking classes focused on healthy, plant based recipes in Colorado Springs. Not only the cooking classes, you can also gift her special Spice blends and meal kits.

Check out her website for upcoming classes or follow her Facebook page so that you don't miss any upcoming cooking events. 

Paintings and home decor :

Paintings and home decor are always the best gifts for anyone. Who doesn't love a unique painting adorning their living room? I feel fortunate, if my friends can gift some home decor. 

When I first saw Bindu's paintings in her Facebook page - Shades of color, I was speechless. Bindu's paintings are expressive with a spiritual touch. 

Follow her Facebook page to contact Bindu Jackwin to order a great painting to gift your loved ones. 

One more good news, Crafted Colorado Handmade Studio in Old Colorado city is showcasing her work along with the crafts of 20 other local businesses. This store is open till Dec 31st, So what are you waiting for?

Handmade Jewelry:

Who doesn't love unique handmade jewelry showing the culture and heritage?

Sougandhika Jewelry is owned by Meena, who exquisitely crafts jewelry with great quality. She gives her special touch of craftsmanship to her designs being a diploma holder in Jewelry designing. 

I bought a pair of lovely jhumkis (ear rings) from her and cannot wait to wear them for the next function. 

Follow her Facebook page so that you don't miss her latest holiday collection. I am sure you will buy many wonderful jewelry pieces  from her collection to wow your friends and family. 

Essential oil classes and gift sets :

These days, we want to live in a toxin free environment and use products which are harmless, environment friendly and healthy, right?

I attended Michelle Wilson's Essential oils class a year ago and I am inspired to know how useful are essential oils in our every day life. 

Visit her Facebook page and know for yourselves the benefits of gifting an essential oil and diffuser kit. 

Traditional Apparel and, jewelry gifts:

It's tough to get authentic Indian traditional outfits, jewelry and shoes in USA, right? Mio Mora solves that problem by bringing Indian traditional jewelry, apparel and shoes to USA through their boutique in Colorado Springs owned by Anu Kochhar. 

Here is the link for their Facebook page which gets updated with the latest collection to order your gifts in the festive season. 

Donuts :

Who doesn't love donuts? This sweet snack is a great dessert and the best gift option to both adults and kids. 

Amy's Donuts in Colorado Springs is serving the fresh donuts of various types - seasonal, gourmet, traditional, frosted, filled etc., 

Donuts are always special, Is it because they are cute with little holes in the middle or the sprinkles or the fillings or colors? what can I say, I don't know. I love them as perfect gifts.

Children Clothing :

Kids grow faster. As parents, we buy new clothes to our toddlers more times than necessary. So, It makes sense to gift fashionable clothes to our friends' or relatives' kids or even to the children in our family, right?

Navira is a children apparel store with unique and stylish designs. This store is owned and managed by Nisha who says that her specialty is kalamkari designs. Kalamkari is a type of hand printed /  block printed cotton textile and they use only natural dyes, thus it's good for our little ones.

Here is a link to their Facebook page. 

So, those are my suggestions for Holiday gits from our local Colorado businesses. How do you like it? Do let me know your opinion in comments.

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03 November, 2019

If creek don't raise by Nancy Hartney - Book Spot light

 photo If the Creek Dont Rise_zpsbjgevl50.jpg

Southern Gothic, Short Stories
Publisher: Pen-L Publishing

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Church suppers and bingo nights.
Dreams of Mexico.
The shadowy world of thoroughbred horse racing.

If the Creek Don't Rise is a collection of hard-used characters, tangled relationships, family angst, and fortitude.

Eighteen tales and six postcard vignettes, highlighted with original artwork, make this collection a skillful and moving exploration of the commonplace, the hidden, and the unforgettable.

 photo If the Creek Dont Rise print ipad and iphone_zps4j8vieyn.jpg

About the Author

 photo If the Creek Dont Rise Author Nancy Hartney_zpsebvtjeno.png

Nancy Hartney, a daughter of the South, writes about gritty characters and family angst from her native piney woods and sweat-filled hardscrabble farms. Additionally, she writes non-fiction for regional magazines and free-verse poetry.

Contact Links

Purchase Links

RABT Book Tours & PR

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02 November, 2019

20 years ago, I was a teenager #WordsMatter

Ok, I reveal that I am a middle aged woman now through this post. But, that's ok. I am enjoying my middle age more than my teenage :-)

20 years ago, I was a teenager. As expected, I was a rebel, more confident or Over-confident and was a dreamer. I was studious, had a specific goal unlike other teenagers though. 

Academics :

I think, in those days my focus was only on studies. Not on friends or fun. I regret those days now. I wasted my precious teenage years by only studying. How bad is that?

I was studious and got good marks always. Had been among the top 5 performers in the class but, you know the Indian Education system, right? It won't prepare you well enough for any job. I might have worked smarter than harder.

Books :

In the middle of my studies, after completing my 10th standard, I got more free time before joining Intermediate. That's when I started reading the Sherlock Holmes Series suggested by a friend. Till then, I didn't read any novel in my life except the English subject books.

Sherlock Holmes' stories were like a portal for me to an another world. I enjoyed thoroughly and tried searching for similar thrillers after that. 

Anyways, I joined my college by that time and again my book reading hobby went to the background. But, I remember that year as the foundation to my love for books. 

Rebellion :

I used to respect my Parents and always followed their instructions. But, something changed in teenage. 

I rebelled for the first time against the period taboos and traditions. I used to face severe cramps every month and my frustration used to double when I was not allowed to sleep on mattress or not allowed to touch anything at our home as per the custom.Here is my opinion on the taboo about period talk.

I felt, I needed luxury and comfort especially during that time which was not possible due to some traditions followed at home.

Those were a few memories 20 years ago. For many, teenage years are precious and they want to relive them if possible. But, for me, present is more beautiful than past.

I neither hate my past nor wish to relive it. Past is a foundation of whatever we are now. Every lesson, every failure in the past is contributed to our current success, right? What do you think?

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