21 November, 2019

My Gratitude List for October 2019 #GratitudeCircle

This is my Thank you note for the last month which has been wonderful. We had a birthday celebration at home and I got a lot of free time, especially Me time

Here are the things that I am grateful for in October :

Birthday Celebration :

We celebrated the birthday of our younger son at home. Earlier, I used to feel nervous arranging parties at home and talking to guests, but now-a-days, I am enjoying these parties more.

Kids enjoyed playing with play-doh and I enjoyed arranging everything for the play-doh party. I shopped various tools like cutters, shapes to mold the play-doh to different shapes. 

Netflix :

I had an amazing time in October watching many shows and movies on Netflix. I took a break from work and so, got more time to enjoy the quality shows of Netflix.

Here is a post about our favorite shows on Netflix to watch with kids.

I loved 'Dark' which is a mystery, 'The Haunting of Hillhouse' which is an emotional drama and horror, 'Riverdale', a drama and many thriller movies like 'The Ritual'.

Me time :

I could blog more in October and read books. Here are some of my recent reviews:

Hallowed Ground is a mystery and fantasy, which I loved. 
The palace of Illusions is the best book that I have read recently as I love mythology. Chitra Banerjee is my favorite author from the time I read her book "Before I visit the Goddess".

I have learnt a lot about social media strategies in October and experimented with Pinterest and Instagram more. Thanks to the tips from Shailaja V, I have also improved on creating graphics with Canva.

I couldn't travel anywhere though and couldn't get time to paint. 

Teaching Dance :

This time of the year is our Annual Diwali event in Colorado Springs. I took this opportunity to teach Dance to 8 year old kids' group a Odisha folk song. It was a lot of fun of course. 

Kids looked amazing in the final event and everyone danced without forgetting anything. 

Cooking :

Even though I don't enjoy cooking, I had nice opportunities to love it in October. I bought an instant pot and experimented a lot. Biryani, Pasta, Ghee, Spinach Dal, Mutton curry - the list goes on.. and my experiments are continuing. The Instant pot is worth the money and Iam thankful to all the cooking videos available on Youtube to cook with instant pot.

I have also started OPOS method of cooking and I am experimenting with this style as well. Read more about OPOS cooking here.

So, that's it about my October. How was yours? 

Happy November to you all. 

In the next week, we have Thanksgiving break here, so more family time and fun for us. I am not much interested in shopping, but if you are, check this post on Black Friday shopping tips

Until next time,

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  1. October has not been the best month for me. But yes, I started a new blog towards the end of October and I have been blogging regularly since then. I have heard about instant pot and OPOS method. Never really tried it though. Maybe I should try them.

    1. All the best for your new blog Jyothi 👍

  2. Aha! October was interesting and eventful for you! I'd like to check out Dark. I have The Palace of Illusions but havent got around to read it, will check it out. Insta Pot is a magical gadget for kitchen, I have been reading a lot about it. It is on my wish list now!! Hope November is treating you well, Mahathy! Have a great time. Cheers!

    1. You will love Dark, if you love mystery and time travel, Shilpa. Instantpot helps me a lot now. I even prepared ghee with it.

  3. Belated birthday greetings to your son. I love how you are following your passion for dance and teaching young people.
    I have heard of the OPOS method but have never tried it. Keep us posted on your experiments.

    1. Try OPOS Corinne, it's worth for busy women.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful October and its great to read such positive views. Wish you a very happy bleated bday Ramya and hope the coming month will be equally kind and wonderful!! :-)


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