21 October, 2019

OPOS Cooking - Fast and Healthy way of cooking #MondayMusings

OPOS means - One Pot One Shot

This way of cooking(OPOS cooking) is fast and healthy. It requires minimum vessels, minimum water, and less time. This is nothing but pressure cooking that we know from childhood but done at a higher pressure in less time.

We, Indians are used to our pressure cookers and depend on them for Rice and Dal especially. So, there is nothing more we need other than 2 Ltr Pressure cooker to experiment with this nutritious way of cooking.

OPOS is a set of scientifically validated instructions to cook faster with hygiene. So, without any concerns, you can try this method.

I got introduced to OPOS through a Facebook friend and when I searched on Google, I found a lot of information and multiple basic videos on Youtube. The following Facebook group helped me to learn the OPOS technique:


This support group has all OPOS cooking basic lessons and also helps the newcomers to clarify their doubts. This group also covers OPOS cooking recipes. The OPOS® methodology has been created and copyrighted by Mr. Ramakrishnan of One Page Cookbooks fame.

You can join the Facebook group and complete the 2 basic lessons. I tell you.. you can't stop there.

Why OPOS Cooking?

For me, daily cooking is a boring chore. I try to finish cooking and come out of the place as soon as possible. The kitchen is not a happy place for me at home. So, when I could cook any curry in 5 mins, I am all for it.

The added bonus is that the nutrition values are retained in the vegetables due to pressure cooking. Since only one pot is used, reduces the hassle of washing more dishes after cooking.  

How it works?

Usually, we put all the ingredients like vegetables, spices, 2 spoons of water, around 1 spoon of oil as layers in a pressure cooker and cook them at high pressure. In high heat, you might get 2 whistles within 4 mins. Then, we switch off the stove and release the pressure by some spoon/ wooden stick. Vegetables will be perfectly cooked retaining the color and nutrition. We mix and serve. 

That is a generic recipe for you all to get an idea. But, you should follow exact instructions to get success. So, try and let me know how you feel.

So far, I have tried Cauliflower tomato curry, Beans fry, Paneer butter masala, Penne Pasta and Wheat rava upma in OPOS method. Each of them took just 5 mins. 
Cauliflower fry- the layers in pressure cooker 

Cauliflower fry after mixing

Of course, there is an argument that it won't be as tasty as made in a pan in regular process. But, for me, except Paneer butter masala, everything I tried came out tasty. So, try for yourselves before deciding.

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