24 October, 2019

Greenery in the Fall #ThursdayTreeLove

Some greenery too in the fall. 

Eventually all trees shed their leaves by winter but only a few trees like Maple, cottonwood,  Aspen etc will change colors before shedding their leaves.

I didn't know this 4 years ago and I thought all trees will change color in the Fall.

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Alana said...

It all depends on where you live. Some trees will turn colors but only in certain weather zones. Even where I live, which is in one of those zones, some leaves just turn brown and some don't even fall until later in the winter. Isn't nature marvelous?

Mahathi Ramya said...

ya marvelous Alana. I love the nature

Parul said...

Beautiful and so green. I would love to see the trees changing colors some day. It must be so beautiful and dreamy. Thanks for sharing, Ramya.

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