11 March, 2014

Wow Malaysia - A dream trip :)

When i saw the tourism site of Malaysia, i was wondering that a place which is as near as just 4.5 hrs from India has sooo many things to offer for tourists :) Yes, i would list top 5 places that i would like to visit, if at all i plan a trip.
Batu caves

Batu caves, Selangor
You might have seen this 140 ft tall Murugan statue in many films right? Whenever i saw in movies, i wished to go there :) There are 272 steps leading to the temple cave which is the biggest of three caves. The place is famous for 'Thaipusam festival'.

Mulu National Park, Sarawak
Mulu national park

I love nature. So obviously, this UNESCO world heritage site which is world's largest cave chamber cannot be missed in the list! Sarawak chamber has the capacity to accommodate 40 Boeing 747 air crafts, can you believe it? This national park is also home for limestone spikes known as Pinnacles.

Petronas twin towers, Kaula lampur
Many of us saw these towers in many movies. These towers are so unique that you will easily find out that it is Malaysia after seeing them. This is the world's largest twin structure and 5th tallest skyscraper. The sky bridge connecting both towers is also world's highest two storey bridge!

Petronas twin towers

Langkawi, Kedah

Part of an archipelago of 99 tropical islands just off the coast of Kedah, Langkawi Island is as much shrouded in age-old myths and legends as it is filled with natural beauty. It dates back to more than 500 million years. Langkawi is also a popular duty-free destination. Mystery, myth and Legend, that forms the Langkawi :)

Sipadan Island, Sabah

People should surely have great underwater experience if planning for a trip to Malaysia! This island gives a breathtaking underwater experience. Situated in the heart of Indo-pacific basin, world's rich marine habitat, it is surrounded by exciting dive spots such as the Hanging Gardens, Barracuda Point and the Turtle Cavern. One of its most thrilling features (and certainly not for the faint-hearted) is the Drop Off, where knee-high water suddenly gives way to a 600m drop.
Sipandan island

After browsing the site, i found many other places which are worth visiting like Kinabalu park (Sabah), Lego land and Hello kitty town (Johor), Genting higlands (Pahang) and Central market, China town and Little India (Kaulalampur). 

Hope i would plan this trip someday :o

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04 March, 2014

Childhood memories with Nature

Many of us have very good memories with nature in our childhood. At least, I have a few as my grandmother’s house is in East Godavari district which is famous for its coconut trees and greenery.  It is not a village actually, a mandal head quarter. Our grandparent’s house is a big house with 3 portions where 3 families can live together happily. The house has a big garden behind with all types of trees you can think of, our favorite ones being mango, guava, orange and Nandivardhanam trees. We cannot assume these kinds of houses in modern days and can mostly hope for a balcony with many artificial plants in flower pots arranged as per our taste.

hibiscus flower in our grandma's garden

Our bond with nature developed slowly, as it became part of our life in many ways.

For ex:

  • All cousins used to gather in our grandmother’s home for summer holidays and we used to play hide and seek behind different trees and varieties of plants.
  • Our cousin’s duty was to cut raw mangoes from tree with stones and our duty is to get salt and chilly powder from kitchen without any elders knowing it :) and then of course eating them together :)
  • Daily fetching water from hand pump (borewell), plucking flowers for Puja especially bright red hibiscus flowers, yellow, white, orange chrysanthemums and white nandivardhanams which give a pleasant fragrance throughout, watering the plants in the evening, trimming them etc are a few fun tasks we all used to do. You can assume the amount of exercise it gives to the body in pollution free weather :)

I feel, today’s children miss out all this fun in cities as we don’t have gardens behind each of our flats/ apartments and we don’t have time to enjoy the nature. Travelling to scenic places or hill stations might be a good way to enjoy nature. How about travelling to Goa, Kerala, Coorg, Uttarakhand, Shivalik Hills in Punjab, Maharashtra, Sikkim etc., When did you see a Sun rise / Sunset peacefully enjoying it?

Other option could be introducing kids to this site.. welcome to Kissanpur :) I know, what comes to your mind by the name 'Kissan', none other than the mixed fruit jam and tomato ketchup.. yummy :D This site has a guide to grow tomatoes at home, that too with tips for kids. What a fun it is, to introduce mother nature to kids with small tasks!

So, register your kids in the site to grow up juicy tomatoes and for a chance to have their photo featured on Kissan tomato ketchup bottles.. Let me know about your journey :)

Until next time,

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02 March, 2014

Coorg Chronicle - Day 3

Read on Day 1 and Day 2 details..

Elephant bathing demo - Dubare
This is the last day in Coorg tour :( Since we planned to visit Brindavan Gardens in Mysore in the evening, we bade farewell to Coorg by afternoon itself. So, the places that we covered on Day 3 are on the way back to Mysore.

Our first destination was to Dubare Elephant camp. It is about 28kms from Madikeri. There is a ticket for boat ride, as the Elephant camp is on the other side of the river. It seems expensive as there is a ticket to buy for every small thing like boat ride, Elephant bathing, feeding, demo on Elephant grooming etc., But, overall experience is good, as you can see Elephants from near and also bath them with the help of guide and Elephant splashes water on you :) There are many Elephants in the area, i don't say, place is very dirty, but manageable.

Looks so innocent!

Nisarga dhama forest resort

Golden temple

Buddhist monastery, Kushal nagar

Our next destination was to Forest resort 'Kaveri Nisarga dhama', which is 12 kms from Dubare. This resort is not well maintained now. There is a hanging bridge at the entrance over river cauvery and the resort has cottages for accommodation. When i visited Coorg 8 years ago, this place was fantastic with greenery, but now, all the trees and plants are dried. There is deer park, small canteen and river gushing besides. There is a place to step into water and play, which is the only best experience in Nisarga dhama. There is a shopping complex outside with homemade chocolates, spices etc., So, you can shop here if you missed to shop something in Coorg. 

Our last visit was to Budhist monastery which is a golden temple. It is a Tibitian monastery, also called Namdroling monastery situated in Kushal nagar. There are around 7000 budhist monks studying there today. Temple is a must visit with 40 ft tall golden Buddha statues. Surroundings are clean and peaceful. Don't miss shopping the traditional Tibitian wind chimes and hand fans.

So, this was our trip details.. Hope you liked it. We couldnt go for white water rafting due to time constraint, Please plan in rainy seasons for rafting in Dubare. 

Until next time,

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