15 September, 2019

Crazy Horse and CarHenge #SouthDakotaTrip

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I have become super busy these days and so, couldn't write my Day 3 Travelogue of our South Dakota trip. On Day 3, We covered Crazy Horse Memorial and the beautiful Car Henge in Nebraska while returning  to Colorado Springs.

Before reading this travelogue, go through my earlier posts of our South Dakota trip:

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Rapid City - Mt Rushmore and Custer State Park

Spearfish Canyon and Badlands National Park

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The Final Plan

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Crazy horse memorial has the quote "Never forget your dreams"  written all over the place in Visitor center. The construction of this memorial of course is a mammoth task and it is the result of many sculptors' dream and vision.

Actual Sculpture - In progress

 The elevation of the mountain on which the memorial is built is 6352 ft above sea level. This sculpture was started by Korczak Ziolkowski and Lakota chief Henry Standing Bear 
At the Museum
Fighting Stallions Sculpture At Crazy horse Visitor Center

The carving of Lakota leader Crazy Horse is 641 ft long and 543 ft high. This memorial which is in progress is a must visit.

Admission is $30 per vehicle and there is some bus fee to go near the sculpture. Cars are not allowed to drive near the memorial. The Visitor center has a museum with crafts made by different tribes in North America.

There is a helicopter tour if you want to see the memorial from top. The place is expensive and commercialized but definitely worth a visit.

We couldn't visit Wind Cave national park as it was closed. But, I suggest you to visit both wind cave and jewel cave national parks which are near by.

The time has come to end our South Dakota trip and drive back to Colorado Springs. But, To avoid a boring drive, we have changed our route to go through Nebraska to cover 2 more tourist places.

Carhenge is the replica of Stonehenge, one of the historic landmarks in England, but with cars! This is created by Jim Reinders. 

This is a must visit if you are traveling with kids. My sons enjoyed visiting this place.

The above pics are all from Carhenge in Nebraska.

Chimney rock national monument, Scott Bluffs monument , Courthouse and Jail rock are all within 1 hr distance from each other.
Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock rising 300 ft in Morrill county looked amazing. This rock consists of Brule clay interlayered with volcanic ash and Arikaree sandstone. There are sign boards about the dangerous snakes along the trails near the rock. It was too hot to roam around anyways.

Since it is very hot, we skipped visiting Scott Bluffs National monument and covered 'The courthouse and Jail rocks'.
There is a dirt road leading to these rock formations. These two rock formations are in Bridgeport.
Courthouse and Jail Rocks

The remaining way to Colorado Springs is mostly through the agricultural fields and a lot of wind mills. The scenery is great but there is not much crowd or many cars, so a bit scary in dark. There are not many rest spots, gas stations too. 

That is all about our memorable South Dakota trip!

How do you like it? Do let me know in comments.

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