02 September, 2013

Taramati Bardari - A historic monument in Hyderabad

I have been to this historic location 'Taramati Bardari' many a times. One reason being it's closer to my place and another is it's pleasant surroundings.
Bardari on hilltop

This place has a Persian style garden built in the reign of King Quli Qutub Shah. It was known as a caravan station for travelers and traders in Ibrahim Bagh, which was 1 km away from Golkonda fort. This monument has a music hall constructed on the hilltop, which gives a good view of Golkonda fort and area around it.

This place is also linked with a romantic story of Sultan with a courtesan (Singer and dancer) 'Taramati'. Because of the acoustics model of the structure like Golkonda fort, it was believed that the melodious voice of Tarmati singing at Bardari could be heard by Sultan sitting at Golkonda fort. There is no documented proof for this story though. You can see some nice paintings on the walls which explain Nizam culture. 

Nice paintings

There is an open-air amphitheater inside with a seating capacity of 1600 people. Usually, many dance and music performances are held here. Gardens and lawns are well maintained. Andhra Pradesh tourism(APTDC) has changed it to a hotel cum resort to provide accommodation and food for the tourists. It also has a souvenir shop, health club and swimming pool. 

View from top
Overall view
Sculptures and garden

This is a good place to visit in the evenings, as we can experience nice breeze from the hilltop. Some nearest tourist places are Golkonda fort and Qutubshahi tombs.

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