31 January, 2023

A Typical Day in my Life #WriteAPageADay

 This is my first post of the year, in the second month of the course. Blogging has taken a back seat due to other commitments. 

Here is a fun blogging activity: I will write a post every day in February. This initiative is from Blogchatter.

Today's Prompt: A Typical Day in My Life


I am not a morning person, unfortunately. Still, I wake up at 6.15 am to get my younger son ready for school. After having Coffee prepared by my hubby, I prepare breakfast for my kid. I send him to school and make my elder one ready for school. 

Then, I prepare breakfast for ourselves, and get ready for my office. Fortunately, I am still working from home, so I take my comfy time to get ready before attending our first office call at 10am. Cool 😎 

Work time is till 4.30 PM, lunch at 12.30 PM, and multiple breaks in the middle. You know? Housework in the middle of office work 😉


My Evenings are a bit slow and relaxed. Sometimes, I will have tea and snacks. I give snacks to the kids and I might start cooking at 6.30 PM. So, until that, it's either a little bit of Netflix / dance class some days / driving to pick /drop kids at any classes. 

Cooking usually takes 45 to 1 hr. We usually target to complete dinner by 8.30 and sleep by 9.30 PM. 

What stands out in my day?

I love watching Sunrises and Sunsets. From my home, I get to watch the beautiful colors of the sky. How is this Sunrise? 

I love having coffee and talking to hubby in the mornings, which lifts up my mood for the whole day. Those peaceful 10 to 15 mins are an important part of my day.

I love pickup and drops to and from school. I love the conversations with my younger one in the car while picking him up from school and conversations with my elder one occasionally dropping him to some class. I cherish those moments.

I love 'ME TIME' when I watch Netflix for some time in the evening. It's not often that I get to enjoy a show for more than 1 hr.

I love reading a good book for 30 mins before sleeping in the night. 

How is your typical day and what stands out for you in a day?

Do let me know in the comments. 

Until next time,

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