21 May, 2019

5 tips to overcome Reader's Block #TheBookBlogTrain

In all these years from my childhood, I rarely felt the reader's block. Actually, my situation is the other way around. If possible, I would love to read every day but it is never possible due to work and family. 

But, I remember once or twice feeling like no book is interesting and when I get any bad book for review, this sets me off. I usually, don't stop reading any book in the middle until it is a genre that I really hate or the language is too tough to follow. Did you ever face a reader's block? How did you come out of it?

What is Reader's block?

Reader's block is a feeling of disinterest to finish reading a book. The reason can be any external distraction like responsibilities, stress, or notifications from a smartphone or social media. Whatever may be the reason, sometimes we might feel like the book doesn't sound interesting enough to continue and even after changing to some other book, this feeling continues. Due to this, we cannot complete any book for some time.

A few tips that I suggest if you are going through the phase of Reader's block:

1. Pick a different genre
This works for most of the people. I usually read fiction, thriller, and horror. So, choosing a different genre is refreshing to the mind and it may sound interesting. Try that!

2. Read some short stories
If nothing interests your mind, try reading short stories. One benefit is that you will feel accomplished as you will complete a short story within an hour. So, this brings you out of Reader's block quickly. Usually, a collection of short stories of different genres is interesting and you might like at least one story out of 3.

3. Become busy with some other hobby before picking another book
Try painting or hiking or writing something before picking another book. This will bring your creative mind running and mental relaxation is beneficial. 

4. Read book reviews
When I am bored, I usually read random book reviews on Goodreads.com.  This will help me to pick a good book next time and there are fewer chances of not liking that book or stop reading it in the middle.

5. Visit book stalls and Libraries
A visit to the library/book stall is so refreshing, even when I don't buy any book. Reading different book blurbs, checking the book covers and choosing books is refreshing. When we spend time searching for our favorite book, buy/ rent it and then read it, it is more satisfying and there is less chance of not liking that book.

Do you enjoy visiting Book fairs? It's like a paradise for book lovers, right? We can spend hour and hours browsing books. If you are also like me, check this link from Kotobee website which consolidates the list all international book fairs across the world. 

Those are some tips to overcome Reader's block. How do you like them? Do you think they are useful to you to continue reading good books?

Let me know your thoughts in comments.

Until next time,

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Aspiring Hope said...

Very well explained with the useful tips. I loved the post.

"Anny" The Anurag said...

These are very fair points

And intresting too

Book stalls and libraries are my favourite places to hangout

Nice post

Anukriti Malik said...

I often face a reader's block and sometimes it gets difficult to tackle it. Will use your tips the next time I face a block :)

Chetana Thakur Chakraborty said...

Reader's Block is a terrible issue. These tips are really helpful! Thanks for these useful tips.

Devika Ramadoss said...

Reading book reviews, I often read under rated review to know how deeply look through a book while reading.
And all are Wonderful tips.

sarmistha said...

Nice tips especially reading the book review one which I practically follow and it works great

the_booksters_blog said...

these tips are amazing. Even I've tried some of them and they are actually very helpful.:D

Sindhu Vinod Narayan said...

These are some great tips. I've also written on the same topic.

Sheetal (Halo of Books) said...

Useful and practical tips ! nicely explained :) I also have written on this topic on my blog, would love to know your views.

suhavijay said...

Nicely explained with simple tips

Maria said...

Even I switch genres when it comes to reading block. Nice tips.

Maria said...

Visiting library definitely helps.

Emperor said...

This is quite an informative post. It's very essential to know these things in today's world.

Prarthana Chaturvedi said...

These are so helpful!

A Lady Lawyer said...

Each point is valid and useful. I agree with you- my problem is never reader's block, it is life that prevents me from reading as much as I would like to!
Noor Anand Chawla

Zainab Travadi said...

These tips are very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thank you for telling me what a readers block is. I had a doubt about that. Really thoughtful of you.
Btw, your remedies are bookish as well. A real bookworm!

Hill station Reader said...

Nice tips, Picking different books helps a lot

Unknown said...

Quite good tips there. Listening to song helps.

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