30 May, 2019

Gratitude list for April 2019 #GratitudeCircle

I am late again to write my gratitude list for last month. This month is a bit busy, that's the reason.

April is mostly dedicated to dance performances and I could complete only one book which was a wonderful read. We went on a fabulous family vacation for 4 days which was relaxing.

Here are a few things that I am grateful for last month:

1. Dance performances

In April, I performed twice. I did both solo and group performances. I feel grateful to my parents and to my Guru for imparting me this skill.

I am not very experienced at choreography but I attempted a group choreography of classical dance this time. My choreography came out well but of course, there is a scope for improvement and I will work on that in the future.

2. Family Vacation
As we have always wanted to, we could go on a road trip covering 1200 miles in 3 days and 4 nights. We also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Utah.

My travelogues are below:

Utah Vacation Plan with Kids

Day 1 - Arches National Park and Canyonlands National park

Day 2 - Monument Valley Park and Four Corners National monument

Day 2 - Mesa Verde National Park

Day 3 - Pagosa Springs and Crestone
I am grateful to my husband for understanding me so well. I am thankful to God that we could pull off this trip successfully with a 4 yr old without any problems.

The Delicate Arch trail was tough but with proper planning and multiple stops, we could make it to the top and see the Arch which is on Utah's License plate. We thoroughly enjoyed the dirt road ride in Monument Valley Park.

3. The Book Of Hidden Things

Last month, I could complete only this book. This is very interesting but I couldn't find time to finish it in one go, I had to read bits and pieces for many days. 

I loved the book, thus, the rating 5/5. Read my review here. I am grateful to the access to the local library here with great books and the free library card.

This gratitude list is not big but the most satisfying one. What are you grateful for this month / last month? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

Linking this to #GratitudeCircle hosted by Vidya Sury. 

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Shilpa Nairy said...

Wow nice accomplishments.. loved your pose of dance.. you have a great June.

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